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Brand freaking new Lost!

Re: Kate hitting Sawyer with the rock - Dude! That was fucking funny!

Sawyer: Me Kate! Me throw rock!

Yay continuity! His arm's still bandaged! Ooh! Skin! Even though you know there's gonna be something in the water...

Eew! Corpse! OMG! It's Jack's dad! (Chick body next to dude body) Or not.

Heh heh hehe, he's raiding the corpses. What's w/the silver briefcase (O' Doom!)? Dude, they've been on the island over a week, she so would be hairy by now...

Gee, a freakishly sudden high tide on a mysterious abandoned isand with invisible monster? You don't say! Also? Sayid? Still so pretty!

Poor Charlie, he's still in shock and his neck looks like it must hurt like fucking hell!

Shannon (To Boone about Locke): Is he your new boyfriend?

A bank robbery. Your shitting me right. All this because of something to do with a fucking bank robbery?

Wow, looks like Sawyer's locked his legs around someone before... And from the bottom no less!

Again wth the lack of body hair.

Hurley! Woot!

Hey, Rose! Long time no see! I like her.

Love the multiple shot of Sawyer slamming the Briefcase (O' Doom!) Dude! She fucking ran off w/that thing! Yeah! Chase scene! And a tackle.

What, she couldn't have lied to him? Oh dude, don't even... She's in on it.

Told you so.

Heh heh heh heh heh, Sayid erked up when Shannon mentioned a guy.

Oh dude, They don't know about Sun... She's gonna know now. She knows. Ooh the Marshal's wallet? Tomb Raider time! Kate's lieing.

I like Rose, and poor, poor Charlie... ::Huggeles him:: Poor Baby.

Maggie? Twenty bucks says she was an agent gone bad or something. Yeah, bet that's smelling pretty rancid right about now. Ew maggots!

No! I don't wanna feel bad for Shannon, no!

The antibiottics for is arm. Damn dude.

A fucking letter? A fucking letter? What the hell? Battered wife. Watch.

Wait! Don't just walk away I wanna know what fucking happened bitch!

Aw, poor Charlie... Rose is just so awesome, She's the Mama. So the Mama...
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