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[FLocked] People wot bug me today

teaatsix. It's not really personal with her, she just annoys me because she has this habit of commenting on the NL with a link to a podfic (which are hard as hell to code when the header is done wrong). And then commenting ten minutes later with another. And ten minutes after that with another one. Because doing all three at once is impossible or something.

apieceofcake. My OCD makes me number how many icons/headers/banners/whatever are in a post when I link on the NL. And she always tends to post batches of about twenty at a time with not even any numbering on them.

twasadark. It's personal now. She's just plain rude. She left this comment randomly on my journal. A) what the fucking fuck? Don't spam me with the LJ equivalent of a flyer on my windshield, dammit. That's just not on. Second? I'M ALREADY WATCHING THAT COMM. And then today she drops this comment on iheartsmeckles. If she looked at the userinfo or the main LJ or anything she would see this and it would tell her that this is purely an emergency LJ of clex_monkie89. I do not like her and I will forever more continue to make faces whenever I see her post anything anywhere.

People who don't respond to their emails when it's something about a deadline.

People who say they will update a certain post weekly and then wait a month to get to the fucking comments.

People who look down on me because I've seen the HP movies but not read the books (No, Steve, I don't mean you). I only play in the fandom sporadically (and not in the fic parts) but I hate that feeling. That I'm less than someone else just because the books fucking bored me. I'm sorry, if it can't hold my attention I don't bother. It took me two weeks to read Good Omens and I love that book. I get distracted easily and I'll read eighty pages in two hours and then not touch the book for a week and a half and then come back and devour another 150 pages. I just couldn't do that with HP. It's like back in LotR all over again. There's a reason I only stuck to the LotRips side.

Me. I'm having one of Those Days. I have this problem (that is very possibly connected to the time I stopped breathing for a while when I was a baby) where occasionally I'll read something and not understand it. It comes in varying degrees, sometimes I can reread a paragraph ten times and not be able to tell you anything that was said in it and sometimes I can push my way through pages and pages of something, read it all, be able to tell you the gist of what happened and yet not actually understand anything complex. At the moment I'm sludging my way through a Numb3rs fic and now it's less about pleasure of reading it and more about having to finish it now that I've made it this far. I don't know whether it's that the fic is convoluted and thick on it's own (it does vary between Charlie and Larry's POVs, neither of whom are actually talking to anyone and thus don't need to dumb anything down out of their voice for the audience) or if it's me. I can tell you the basic outline of the fic up to where I am and even thrown in a few line-by-lines from it but nothing makes sense.

Me (redux). I have 130+ comments in my inbox and I just can't seem to make myself answer any of them. They're almost all comments on fic and meta or comments to fic commentaries and they're all things that require intelligent thought and not just throwaways of "I'm glad you liked it! Thank you!" and I don't seem to be able to fucking force myself to do anything.

PMS. Fuck this shit. Maybe later I'll be able to drag my ass out of bed (big-ass futons FTW) and walk to the store and get chocolate or something, I think I've got about a dollar in change. (Note to self: Give Phil back the ten bucks you no longer need.)
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