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First off: I love brynspikess because she just totally bought me another year on LJ and so now I don't expire until August 19th, 2009!

Second: I now have a DVD player so I can actually watch things without having to borrow Stephie's PS2, Phil's PS2 or Yussie's 360.

Yes, I do live in The Geekcave.

I know I look stoned but I'm really not. Stephie took this pic for me. I had to take the glasses off because the flash was bouncing off of them. My hair looks retarded because I put my hair down and tried to brush it straight. It's still fluffy but I actually managed to get it really damn straight this time. Best part of this? Everything from about an inch above my eyebrow down is shaved. So that's only like, half my hair right there.

This one I took myself, hence the emo look. It was the only way I could get a good shot of my hair. The coloring is a little bright in the pic than IRL because I had to mess around a bit to make my skin not look like ash. I actually kind of like this pic.

Fourth: Me, unperfectwolf and waterofthemoon have been writing J2 to each other via email since Wednesday because Sara is computerless until tomorrow.

Fifth: I now have 89 comments in my inbox.

Sixth: I am Dean. Mmmm. PIE. Chocolate cream and Cinnamon Dutch Apple.

Seventh: The problem with having two things of server space is that occasionally when you're tired and you upload things you don't remember in which one of the hundreds of files on either server you shoved things in. I have to go through and find a bunch of the stuff I uploaded and have to post.

Eighth: I want more pie. I think I'm gonna go get some. Then read, get some more Neopoints and then read more stuff. Maybe sleep occasionally too.
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