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Clowns won't wait until your dreams to eat you.

I've been up for like, twenty-two and a half hours or so so far. My fingers aren't working with my brain as well as they should be and thus I am typing slowly and shit. Not that you can't tell here. Because it's not like, an IM it anything.

This is a fic called Defect. It is done by some person whose name I cannot remember. It is long and Supernatural/Criminal Minds and it is Gen and plotty and I have spent the last like... Four? Five? Some amount of words reading it. I cannot stress enough how badly you have to read this. The Dean voice is so good you guys. And Bobby! And Ellen! And Sammy! And Reid! And Gideon! I've only seen like, two episodes of CM but had no problem at all following this. GO READ IT NAO, KTHNX.

I use this icon because I just put it up and because it's called "His poor little knees because LOOK AT HIS POOR LITTLE KNEES.

I have almost eighty comments in my inbox, guys. How did this happen?

I also upload more icons because they are pretty.

Smallville fandom makes me want to hit it very hard. We don't hate Lana because she's Asian, we hate her because she's stupid and weak AND KEEPING US FROM ALL THE HOT GAY SEX, DAMMIT.

I want to write SamandJess fic but recently my Sammy has been very VERY gay. Even more gay than usual. Girly parts are making him squick out. Which sucks because I have like a page and a half of Dean teaching Sam about girls through experience and while he was A-okay with going down on her before now he's getting all "ew pussy, no!" and that's putting a big dent in that fic because, hi the whole point is Dean and Sammy and random girly parts attached to random girlies.

It's funny, I'm coherent enough to know what I'm typing and to know that I will be facepalming later but I'm just too fucking tires to give a shit. She says as she goes back to fix her typos like the good little OCD she is.

Writing is hard, you guys. I've started like, a bazillion and a half things but I can't seem to end ANYTHING. I have no idea how the Stanford!Sam fic actually managed to shove it's way out and BTW I don't recognize the name of that fic until I look at it because I am lame like that.

I am two weeks behind on Dexter and I should watch it but I just can't seem to make myself for some reason.

Jared had a crush on Chad when they met because Chad loves his puppies and Jensen knows about it but he's not allowed to tell Chad It's okay though because Chad knows and he ignores it and teases Jared twice as hard about other stuff because he's a great big douchebag but he hearts his puppies and Jared's one of them too now. Chad told Jensen that he knew a good swamp when he found out Jensen was with Jared because he's a loyal friend and wanted Jensen to know he wasn't gonna hurt Jared at all. Period end of sentence. Sentence is a really hard word to spell when you are looking at the screen and not at the keys.

I'm gonna go eat some cookies now.
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