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Seating arrangments

In the first class looking seats that Charlie ran in front of? Yeah. That was Boone and Shannon. Also Locke was sitting behind Rose who was in the isle opposit Jack.

I just love the little bits like that. And yeah, after I noticed Locke I was checking for other people we didn't know then.

Come to think of it...

When Hurley was checking the flight manifest... Was Sawyer's name on there? I mean, on the one hand his name isn't Sawyer, but on the other he's a con-man so he could've had fake papers...

I loved the way Hurley reacted when Sayid said he fought on The Republican Guard. He just kinda froze for a moment, like his brain was trying to process it.

Hurley: "Hey dude, are you awake? Yo there's a rescue plane we're saved yay!"

Sawyer: "Guess what? I just shot a bear!"

Damn. I never noticed before but Sawyer was gelled up at first. I like him better more scruffy.

Charlie: "It's the French! The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French!"

Charlie: "Guys, where are we?" I know that one's been over-used but... still awesome.

And apparently we've just hit the loop because next week we get episode's 3 and 4.
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