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SamandDean doodle

Okay, so there's this scene in the SPN/House fic that I'm more or less doing I worked on it for a few hours tonight on my tablet (MOG I HAZ A TABLET!!) and even though I don't think it's done it came a long way tonight.

After the blank screen this is what came next. I sketched the positioning of Dean's body on one layer, than Sam's on a new one and then the bed, monitor and IV on another one. Being able to turn on of the layers with a body on it invisible made drawing another complete body much easier than on paper. And erasing is far less messier. As you can tell by the oblong attempts at heads I'm still trying to get my hand to work with my eyes and the tablet. It's much harder than it looks.

Next I made another layer for the outlines. I pressed a little harder to get the thicker, darker lines. I traced the outsides of each boy's body, then the background things. This picture is with all the layers visible so that you can see the guide lines underneath and where I adjusted the lines, like Dean's leg closest to us.

This is the exact same picture as above but with all the guidelines, the layers with the sketches, turned invisible. See how much more empty and clean it is? Pay attention to the foot on the furthest body (Sam's), because it will deteriorate as I move along in the progress.

Yes, this was actually the next picture after the last one. I turned the previous layer down to about 25% and added a new layer to sketch on. Now that I had the boys' bodies positioned right I had was able to give them some clothing. This was much harder than it looked because before you put in the wrinkles the clothes really look very different. Dean was unusually chubby and because of where I placed Sam's knee it looks as if his ass is... Doing something weird. I don't know. That was just really bad placement on my part. This particular picture is a shot of just the top layer with the previous hard lines turned invisible.

This is (so far) the final product.I brought the background layer back off of invisible and erased all the little parts of it that ran over the boys bodies. Then I added another layer on top of that for final touches. I added some more muscle on Sam's arm, added some more hair to him (it's supposed to look messy, it's tangled from sweat and not being brushed or washed in about a week), gave him a few scars, put a few more wrinkles in his gown and basically destroyed his foot completely. I'm still working on the clean lines and detail with the tablet, haven't figured that out yet.

Dean's jeans got some more shadows and a few tears at the bottom by his boot. The bed got some wrinkles, folds and shadows where the boys are pressed into it. Also I added some texture to give the effect of a blanket on it. Sam's IV is also attached to him now, badly, but attached.

Dean's head is still at an odd angle and it's fairly impossible to tell that the lump near Dean's back with the dark curve is Sam's hand (balled in Dean's shirt). I also butchered Sam's foot pretty badly in the transition from the heavy lines. I'll probably work on this one more later tonight or tomorrow.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, graphics

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