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Halloween V 1.1

We just finished the film on the real camera so that'll be developed in a few days here. In the meantime Here are some shitty Halloween pics taken with Phil's razor and touched by me with my brand new CS3.

That's right, I once again have a working Photoshop! For those of you not in the know my PS has been hating on me for a LONG time now. Sometimes it would work and sometimes I would hit Save and the entire thing would seize up and kill/corrupt/not save anything I had open in it at the time. But thanks to the lovely and wonderful Sara (waterofthemoon) I will now be able to actually make all those shiny graphics I owe so many of you.


Also I deleted pretty much all 160+ comments in my inbox because I had ones back from freakin' September. So if there was anything vital let me know here plz.

Yeah, anyway.

This is how I normally look, it's me laying on my bed in the living room. I have labeled the two thing on my wall that can be seen, a postcard from Steve and a picture by antiship.

These are me trying to be Dean and usually laughing in the middle. I could not stop giggling, I swear.

This is Stephie and her rack. You would seriously never know Phil was gay judging by this pic.

This is the oft-talked about Yussie. He's been awake for about a half an hour at this point.

This is Yussie and Stephie. They're both awake, Yussie for only a few minutes at this point. This is before he shaved, obviously.
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