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I GOT MY GED!!!!!!!!

I got the highest score my GED teacher had ever seen!

Test 1. Writing Skills - Standard Score - 730 - % Rank - 99%

Test 2. Social Studies - Standard Score - 770 - % Rank - 99%

Test 3. Science - Standard Score - 650 - % Rank - 93%

Test 4. Reading Skills - Standard Score - 760 - % Rank - 99%

Test 5. Mathematics - Standard Score - 520 - % Rank - 58%

Average Score: 686

Total: 3430

In order to pass the GED test in Arizona you must recieve at least 410 in each of the five GED subtests and an average standard score of 450 or higher.

Out of a possible 800 my average score was 686.

I'm just...

God this so totaly makes up for last night you have no fucking clue. I was so convinced that I was going to fail horribly that you have no idea. I know I don't really have pretty much any self-esteem much less good self esteem but... I am so fucking happy. I'm so proud of myself you have no clue. I just... God I honestly feel like I wanna cry I'm so happy.
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