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Mini!NaNoWriMo Crib Notes

So here's my Mini!NaNoWriMo Crash-course post.

J2 for Steve: Angst-free. Jared and Jensen are totally married except for the part where they actually aren't dating. Then they are.


Symbology: When Dean shows up in the pilot, Sam brings Jess along for the weekend. As a result, she lives. The series is basically a retelling of canon in which Jess becomes a hunter, Sam/Jess and Sam/Dean become Dean/Sam/Jess, and surprisingly little changes. Me and waterofthemoon have the episodes "translated" up to... Simon Said? Almost, we're trying to figure out the final stand-off for that one.


Ben!Verse: Ben is Dean's son, and Lisa made him take Ben when he was born. Wincest series AU in which Dean and Sam raise Ben out of motel rooms and the Impala's backseat and he turns out all right anyway. Another series that retells the episodes. This is all Sara's fault, I fucking swear it.


SPN/House: Sammy gets a non-supernatural ouchie. I was sitting in chat with like five writer friends and, with the hope of getting one of them to do this, said that I had never actually seen a Supernatural/House crossover that was Wincest. And the unanimous response was "WRITE IT! DO IT."

So I am.


Schmooptastic J2: Schmoop.


Genderswaps: I hate Sara. There are two of them. One has Sam and Dean both swapping and Sam is miserable and Dean oddly has no problem at all with his new temporary problem (featuring Thinky!Sam and NotThinkingAboutIt!Dean). The other one has Sam switched to a girl and stuck that way--there's no way to turn him back into the male form we all know and love. So he binds his chest and still uses "Sam" and male pronouns when talking about himself and looks into sexual reassignment surgeries and everything else he can think of because HI, A VAGINA DOES NOT A GIRL MAKE.
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