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I declare today a Me Day.

I woke up a half an hour ago and have gone through two extra-heavy overnight pads since then and have thus declared today a Me Day. There's no fucking way I'm going to class today; I would prefer for my pants to stay in the condition they're in now.

Later, when I'm not feeling all vomity, I'm gonna start on the laundry. Aside from that today will be spent reading, writing and eating more of the yummytastic cookies that Steve made for me. (Best. Husband. EVER.)

Hell, maybe I might actually try and figure out exactly what the shit I did to PS to make it think that Ctrl S means "now have a seizure and freeze up and eat everything I have done so I have to restart from scratch and go through this again in another two hours."

Also at some point today I may actually make a Mini!NaNoWriMo post that introduces you to the new universes I will be attempting to write in this month (J2! Ben! Jess! House!).

Heh. Appropriate song alert.
Tags: mini!nanowrimo, rl, writing

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