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Mini!NaNoWriMo: Day 1

Day: 1
Daily Word Pledge: 100
Words done today: 1,459
Words done total: 1,459

Once they're in the suite, after Jared has moved the coffee table and all the crap he's managed to pile on the floor in such a short time,they discover that the fold-out couch isn't. It's just a pretty looking couch with shitty cushions, no metal bars or dinky mattresses to excuse the discomfort it causes. "Guess you got the couch anyway, huh, dude?"I think there's an extra blanket here, feel free to hunt."

"Fuck that shit, I'm not sleeping on the couch!"

"It's my room!"

"Dude, I'm a middle child, I will hissy-fit all over this damn room until you give in and I get the bed. May as well just save time and forfeit now."
Tags: fandom: cwrps, mini!nanowrimo: wordcount, writing

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