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[FLocked] Day 1/Song 1

The Jared interview; despoilered. by jamesinboots

An hour and a half until Supernatural!

Also, for those of you who aren't members of fandom_music (And why aren't you? Go join. Now.) I am going to crosspost all my song recs this month from there over here. The gist of the comm is that it's like crack_van but not. You sign up for a fandom for a month (I have Supernatural for November) and then every day that month you post a song that makes you think of that fandom and you explain why. It is an awesome idea and should have many more members than it has.

Mirror 2 is my site so, y'know, commenting would be nice. The username us I'mSuper and the password is Thanks4Asking

Song: Carry On, Wayward Son [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
Artist: Kansas
The Why: Ever since the end days of season one when it was used in a musical montage of the season recap it has become possibly the Supernatural song. In fact, that's what my brother refers to it as. I, and likely many other people, can no longer hear the words "I hear their voices when I'm dreaming, I can hear them say" without picturing Sam receiving a vision of some kind. Fun fact: WinCon karaoke was ended with fifty-ish people singing this at the front of the room with next to no need of the prompter.

I promise it won't all be songs that everyone has and I won't sound as lame in all of them as I do right there.
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