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RL Update

Been at Mom's since Friday because of my Courtroom Testimony seminar. Cool teacher. Didn't stop me from spending the entire time online fucking around and talking to people. I won a prize though for the contest test a whole bunch of small frog things, a ton of candy and a small sword.

I've been out of class for more than an hour (test today) but have to sit here until 1730 when I have my orientation meeting for Phi Theta Kappa. Who wants to bet that's gonna be a boring-ass meeting right there?

Uhm. I'm going home tonight I think? Also I have like, three bucks to my name so I don't think I'm gonna be Dean this year because I can't afford a hat to cover my hair. I might borrow Mom's stuff and goes as her (inmate) but I might not. Stephie's going as a fairy. She's gonna let me do her make-up and shit, which is awesome because my girly thing is doing other people's make-up and hair. I blame it entirely on Homecoming Queen!Sister (Formerly Cheerleading!Sister).

...Yeah. I may go spent that last three dollars on food soon seeing as how I had a small bag of mini!cookies earlier.
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