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Sofa. King. Beau. Ring.

# Number of journal entries:: 1,868

# Number of people on your friends list:: 510

# Person who introduced you to LJ:: Google? I'm pretty sure I just randomly typed "online journal" into a search engine and LJ came up first.

# Still friends with this person:: Yes, me and Google are still friends.

# How many people have you introduced to LJ:: Liz, Phil, Yussie, Heather, Addie, Aiden, Errin, Britney, Brittain, James, Chelsea... Only two of whom still keep their LJs updated.

# List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person:: Crap. This is gonna be big. _sin_attract, affectingly, annkiri, brynwulf, caithream, cathybites, crediniaeth (known in many WinCon pics as "the lovely fangirl whose username I can't remember"), esorlehcar, essenceofmeanin, ethrosdemon, gigglingcathalfshellvenus, hansbekhart, hedwig_az85, hrada, huggenkiss, jadetate, ladiesandbruces, laser_radiation, lizcomet, lostt1, marishna, maygra, mona1347, monster_of_hope, moonmelody, moveablehistory, mrscutedean, namegoeshere/7_daze, onelittlesleep, phouka_h, poisontaster, regala_electra, rei_c, rositamia, ryuutchi, sakura_aideen, sanrei, scarlett_o, seven_flower, spazzbot, brynspikess, stephanometra, technosage, tsukinofaerii, txtequilanights, unperfectwolf, velithya, waterofthemoon, wendy, winterlive, and zampachotika. I think that's it.

# Total LJers met:: 53.

# 5 people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest:: Only listing people who still update regularlyjadetate obviously. Then tsukinofaerie, hrada, thelana and lissa_bear.

# Anyone on LJ you can't stand:: Well, duh.

# Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet:: apocalypsos. I was really looking forward to meeting her at WinCon this year.

# Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal:: Yep.

# Number of comments:: Posted: 19,158, Received: 18,890

# Biggest pet peeve about LJ::

# Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list:: Yes.

# How many journals on LiveJournal do you have:: About six. All but two are RPG journals.

# Communities I currently own/maintain:: cowardly_lot (Don't ask), deammich (SEKRIT), homgwot (SEKRIT), MY SEKRIT TESTER COMM, maledormsrcnbls (Don't ask), pbspoilerfree (Defunct), prison_details (Defunct), probationoffice (Don't ask), puppys_day_out (Will one day get written), spn_ficlists, spn_geeks (Never got off the ground, I guess), spn_letters (Never got off the ground, I guess), spn_resource (Never got off the ground, I guess), and weechesterfic (still semi active).
Tags: meme, random: boredom

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