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Locker Room Speculation

Okay. So I have 121 unanswered comment in my inbox (how am I that slow at answering?) and so I know in my head that now is really not the time to make another post that's gonna likely start up conversations and result in more comments but...

It occurs to me that John's storage shed has a coffin with an Arkansas flag over it, an old motorcycle and a fucking piano in it. I know what you're thinking; "OMGWTFPIANO?" I think I know why it's in there though.

We learned in Home that the entire house didn't burn down when Mary died, it was more or less just the nursery. So they didn't actually lose everything they owned. They had an entire house full of furniture and pictures and other things like that that was theirs. I'm thinking that when he was allowed to sift through the wreckage John more or less grabbed everything that had a connection to Mary. An ugly stuffed bird she bought at a yard sale (because her uncle had one like it growing up and it always caught her attention when she was at his house), a piano she may have played, etc, etc.

Also? How many of you guys think John bought a freakin' landmine? That is so from Vietnam, dudes. Memento.

And in other, non-gen, non-locker thoughts... If one were to write, y'know, lucky!Wincest exactly what would the hook be? I mean, how would one denote sex as particularly lucky? Sam magically finding a condom that actually fits? That's more or less the only thing I can think of.

...Maybe I should work on my comments today? I mean, I still have like, all of the comments from my Twelve Times commentary that I should get to, among other things.

Oh, yeah, also I'm sorta writing Sam/Dean/Bella Cursed Sex Pollen. What the fuck has this fandom done to me?
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