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Back from WinCon.

With a brand new header from gigglingkat, a new icon I made (this one right here from a quote from the American Fic Idol panel) and more new friends than I can think to count at the moment.

SOFA KING TIRED. Expect a coherent write up tomorrow or like, whenever the hell I actually get all that sleep I should've gotten at WinCon.

There were videos taken of all the panels, I guess, and I know there were ones of the karaoke songs, and some during dinner and stuff.

There was no vid show flyer but the vid show was AWESOME. I am too tired for fucking italics so deal with the caps in place of them.

Also, if any of y'all talked to me at WinCon and want to friend me you should feel free to. iLose at names so you may have to remind me where we were/what we talked about and possibly even what you look like. I said I was tired, yo.

Posting, checking my FList and then possibly going to sleep. I LOVE YOU ALL, PEOPLE.
Tags: fandom: winchestercon '07, gip

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