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SPN recs!

Fic recs. Pardon the completely shit reccing notes, these are/were from (so far) unused spn_themes recs and are thus mostly self-notations.


If You Answered Mostly C by apreludetoanend. Mature (for language). Sam/Dean pre-slash. Usually I think "pre-slash" is a cop-out for when people are too afraid to label something Wincest. But this is perfect, it's Sam/Dean before they know it.

Five Times Sam and Dean Walked Into a Bar by traffic_west. NC-17. Five Things. Bar!Fic. Sam blowing Dean.

I can't wait to fall in love with you by traffic_west. R. Schmoop. SamandDean. No sex. Going slow. Domestic.

Jock Itch by valiany. NC-17. Wee!Cest. Sam blowing Dean. While Dean is in a baseball uniform.

All These Things I See by annella. NC-17. SamandDean. Subconscious!Sammy. Witch curse. handjob. Frottage.

No Angel by zionstarfish. PG-13. Wing!Fic. SamandDean. No sex. Smarm. Gargoyles.

Reaching in the dark by lyra_wing. R.SamandDean. Schmoop. Sleepy!affection. Seven other awesome ones in the post.

A Cat Without Whiskers by tremblings. R. Old Shawnee Lady curse. Dean can't lie. Schmoopish. SamandDean.

Green and Gamboge by sevenfists. R. SamandDean. Gremlins. Do I really need to say more?

Asylum by elfinessy. NC-17. SamandDean. An actual horror story. I have to rec this is for no other reason than that by the third paragraph my skin tried to up and crawl off of me.

The World's a Small Child in the Dark by stele3. NC-17. SamandDean. Dean has three hundred and forty-six days a list. Sam won't let go that easy.

Pressing by setissma. R. SamandDean. Kissingfic. Nothing but kissing over and over and I need to go print this out so I can read it over and over on the bus tomorrow.

the stars looks down by unperfectwolf. PG-13. Wee!cest. Written for spn_gleeweek. John almost catching SamandDean.


The Death of Jensen Ackles by gilascave. PG-15. J2. Established(ish). NO CHARACTER DEATH.. Falling in love. Kiwi!Allergy. Sick!Jensen. Protective!Jared.

Cooler by lemmealone. NC-17. J2. First time. Jensen is haunted by bugs who think he's dead. Bottom!Jenny.

Once Smitten, Twice Shy by __tiana__. NC-17. J2. First-time. Early season one filming. Minor angst.

Desperate Times by annella. NC-17. J2. Jared's wrist is broken and Jensen lends a hand. Very hot.

By The Letter by winterlive. NC-17. J2. Jared's got an iPod and Jensen is too curious for his own good. One of what I consider the classics of this fandom. It's a definite must-read.

Find That Handsome Devil by watersword. NC-17. J2. Jensen makes a move and Jared waits for the freak-out he knows must be coming.

Deviant Ways by fiesty_red. R to NC-17. WIP. J2 AU. Horror and suspense with graphic scenes of torture. Insanely well written and amazing. I think everyone should read it yesterday.
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