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Heroes 2.02 - Lizard [SPOILERS]

Didn't get to watch it when it aired last night because the TV is in Yussie's room and he doesn't wake up until about 2030 or so when he works (Good thing he has Thursdays off).

Heroes 2.02 - Lizard

The Haitian/HRG are my Hetero Lifemate OTP. That little smile on Noah's face when The Haitian entered the shop? Very cute.

Mohinder and Matt raising Molly (M cubed?) continues to make me squee with little girl giggles. They make me want to read/write fic.

In other news I saw a Motivational of the TV Guide pic of the three of them and can confidently say that my aversion to Mohinder/Sylar continues to grow. I hate the pairing so much you have no idea. They're like the new Domlijah to me.

CLAIRE CUT OFF HER FUCKING LITTLE TOE. Does she think she's on Prison Break or something? Also? In that gap before it grew back I was kinda hoping it wouldn't because, like her teacher said, it's really pretty useless. And I know her pain receptors are dampened (otherwise she wouldn't be able to do half the stuff she does) but that still had to hurt at least a little.

Lazy's right, West is boring. And probably another long lost uncle or brother or cousin or something.

The Twins have had maybe ten minutes screen time and I already ship them almost as hard as Sam/Dean.

Kensei is Papa Petrelli. No, you cannot convince me otherwise. He was a drunken, viral young man and all the Heroes are related to each other because he was Hero 0 way back when and all his kids had kids and they had kids and so on until we've got Our Guys. Well, okay, maybe not the last part but in my head he really was/is Papa Petrelli. Note how we've seen no pictures of him ever.

Angela Petrelli creeps me out so bad and I love her like pie. Her mentally screaming "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" at Matt and that tiny drop of her smirk and twitch of her eye when he flinched was so perfect.

Also? Matt? Why didn't you read Ando's head, dude?

I really do think that The Ninth (Sylar 2.0) has some kind of Freddy Krueger type power--with the lights and the nightmares and all that stuff. And I still think Kring possibly watches SPN too. First Mohinder is tummy-slashed and pinned to a ceiling then nightmares of a Yellow-Eyed Man? Come on.

Also? Someone help me with this; when the fuck was Peter close enough to Kitty DL to snag his powers?

It occurs to me that my Heroes reading filter is woefully out of date. So click here if this applies to you.

Poll #1065016 Heroes Filter

I watch and talk about Heroes on Monday/Tuesdays.


Also, on a semi-related note technosage has this thing where she does an alphabet for the Heroes eps so she can be coherent about them and I'm kinda thinking about maybe doing that for SPN.
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