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Still sick.

Yet back in class so I don't fail.

Today I have discovered;

  • The origin of the phrase "shoot your wad."

  • That most double-barrel shotguns have two triggers so that each barrel may be shot one at a time.

  • That I have my Physical Evidence midterm on October 11th--a few hours before I hop a plane to WinCon.

  • Why muskets are called muskets.

  • If it isn't written down it never happened.

  • Sawed-off shotguns are not illegal so long as they are still a certain length.

  • I will have to solve a crime with three other students for my Final Project in this class.

  • Bayonets were created so you could stab someone after you missed shooting them because it took too long to reload back then.

  • Early firearms were often used as clubs for the above-mentioned reason.

  • Plate armor was not created until after firearms came about (therefor King Arthur would not be wearing any in any movie).

  • The difference between a revolver and a pistol.

  • The difference between a semi-automatic gun and a fully-automatic gun (machine gun).

  • It rains a lot in Scotland.

  • And France.

  • And England.

  • An English monk was the first person to write down the formula for black powder (the first gunpowder).

  • A German monks was the first person to use black powder to shoot a projectile.

  • Not to anger monks.

  • Firearms have been around since the 1300's.

  • Other stuff too.

There is a reason I have an icon with the keywords "Weapons Yay!"

I will do something productive today, watch me.
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