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Statistics for your LJToys web bug hits...
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Okay. So, wow. Holy shit dude. setissma's rec did a whole lot for This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure). No new comments on it though, which is sad but not horrible (I'm convincing myself everyone didn't hate it, shush).

Also? Two specific people I won't name (I think there's a code against that somewhere) have apparently read a metric ton of my fic in the last 24 hours and I am flailing wildly (this is a good thing) and have a stomach ache (insecurity, yay!) at the same time.

Dude. I really need to get a paid account for there so I don't have to click through every time to see which fic people are reading.

Damn man, that is just... Insane. In somewhat relevant news I'm been fixing up This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure) all day so I can make it into a Lulu book. I'm totally Geeking out on it, I already added my original outline, notes for a cut plot and a deleted scene. waterofthemoon is making the cover/spine/back for me so it'll be all pretty.

I think I'm gonna go try and write more Sam/Priestly.

Tags: fandom: supernatural, squeeage, writing

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