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Intro Post: Clex for Newbies.

The Basics: People To Know

The Basics: Places To Know

  • Phil's = Home = Where I live.

  • College = PCC = Phoenix College = Where I go to school.

  • Ma's = Mom's = Mom's and CJ's = Where I go once or twice a week.

  • ninth_wonders = The Heroes NL = Where I code on Friday nights.

  • spnnewsletter = The SPN NL = The NL = Where I code on Saturday nights.

  • The living room = My room.

  • Hell = Phoenix = Arizona = Where I live.

  • Chicago = Where I'm from.

  • WinCon = Where I'll be for a weekend in October.

  • Fucking bus = Stupid bus = The bus = Where I spend six hours of my day during the week.

The Basics: Shows I Watch

  • Supernatural.

  • Psych.

  • Burn Notice.

  • House.

  • Bones.

  • Numb3rs.

  • Boston Legal.

  • Firefly.

  • Friday Night Lights.

  • Inside American Jails.

  • Pushing Daisies.

  • Dexter.

  • Heroes.

Other Information: Me

  • I write fanfic--mostly for Supernatural. I have also been in a very craptastic bout of writer's block since I finished This Is Ourselves (Under Pressure).

  • I occasionally make icons, not often though because I lack creativity.

  • I am a double-major in Administration of Justice and Evidence Technology. This means if you would like to know how many years in prison Sam and Dean are likely looking at if the FBI catches them or how they can get away with touching all those crime scenes without gloves I can possibly tell you.

  • I was the top marksmen in my class four competitions in a row. (Still targets, handguns).

  • I was a licensed security guard with pretty good knowledge of fighting, self-defense, submission holds and other groovy things like that. If you need to choreograph a fight I can probably help you.

  • I share a birthday with Jefferey Dean Morgan.

  • I turned 21 on April 22nd, 2007.

  • I have another post with more details about me and a tag dedicated to random bits about me too.

  • I have a website and a back-up LJ in case I suddenly vanish. Any other ways to get a hold of me are listed here.

Things You Need To Know

  • I am a gigantic spoilerphobe. Spoil me and see how fast you're off my FList.

  • I'm not kidding. Put your spoilers behind a cut and label them properly, dude.

Tags: fandom, rl, rl: all about me

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