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Has ANYONE ever heard of responsibility?

Whoever was supposed to post ninth_wonders last night didn't and so I got stuck with a double tonight. Six and a half hours of coding later (I started 2100 and it is 0344 right now) and ?skip=620 and I'm finally done.

But I code for spnnewsletter tomorrow night and it looks like that one didn't go up tonight either.

I am also in physical pain because not only has my arthritis been acting up but I have spent the last two days crutching around with a 50lb backpack on my back and then squishing onto a love seat to sleep last night (I'm 5'11") and now my right shoulder and back hurts so bad it's not even funny.

I'm going to sleep now. Maybe when I wake up I won't feel like crying so hard.
Tags: fandom: heroes: ninth_wonders, random: bitching, rl, spnnewsletter

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