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Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity is up again for another round. I am a big, dumb retard who is, of course, going to whore myself out again. I am offering SPN or J2 fic, icons or a wallpaper and two banners and to snark/commentate all over one of my fics for someone.

indigo_blind! I've already got your Pyro!Dean on my list from the last round. It is In Progress and will be done... When it's done. :P So don't worry about bidding on me for that. Now if you want to bid for another story though that's all up to you.

Sign-ups run now until 2359 on 9-8 (11:59pm on September 8th).

Bidding is from 0000 on 9-9 until 2359 on 9-22 (Midnight on September 9th to 11:59pm on September 22nd).
Tags: fandom, sweet charity

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