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Katie update

Last week Katie had a reaction to the meds that sent her into a seizure and to ICU overnight.

She was supposed to go home yesterday but had a bad migraine like the one she had before her seizure and then threw up all over the bed as they were finishing packing. The doctor's decided to keep her one more night to be safe.

About two and a half hours ago she had another seizure. I can't get hold of Chelsea because she's already on the way to the hospital so these are the only details I have right now.

Remember that "cross your fingers" thing I was talking about last time? Anyone willing to try for another round?

ETA: I will likely not respond to comments on this post because I am superstitious as fuck (OCD for the lose) but I will be pointing Chelsea this way when she comes online next.
Tags: friends: cheerleading!sister, rl

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