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Trail mix

Phil ordered me SPN S2 off Amazon with his card so I don't have to spend sixty bucks on it at a store. This means instead of having it on the 11th I'll have it on like the 14th or so but I'm okay with that.

Just DLd the whole gag reel. No spoilers aside from the fact that I love the boys.

Just wandered over to fanficrants and may lose the rest of the afternoon to it possibly. Fucking addictive shit over there.

I made a bunch of headers last night and killed a bunch more from my code. Here are the ones I currently have in rotation. Not dial-up friendly, of course.

In the last week or so I have finished season 3 of Boston Legal, watched all of Burn Notice, watched Pushing Daisies pilot (today) and (also today) started in on the Denny eps of Grey's Anatomy.

I really hate how much of a complete and utter asshole Isaiah Washington is. Because Burke is awesome and I really liked his and George's relationship (I've watched two or three eps before) and now it's just... irrevocably tainted. I cringe when they're being all friendly and shit on screen because now I know how fake it is and that sucks. I mean, yeah, it shows they're both pretty good actors but I like to delude myself into thinking the people playing friends like each other. LotRips and Jared and Jensen have totally spoiled me.

Apparently the way to make sure I might actually finish it is to give it a long and ridiculous title. Like the doc I currently have titled One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other (No, One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong). And because it has a stupidly long title it'll end up being one that a bunch of people like (like the other two of mine with long titles that people like a lot).

waterofthemoon is gonna make my layout all pretty later on.

I really hate being nice all the time. Every once in a while I want to just stand up and scream, tell people to shut the fuck up or say any of the other thousands of things on my mind at the time. But I don't. Because I'm nice.

I don't remember if I mentioned this yet but I dropped both of my Chem classes. Turns out I can't math enough for them so I dropped them until I can get my math up. I now have two classes this semester and two seminars for a combined total of 8 credits. I like not being on financial aid; I totally didn't have to pull two extra classes that don't go towards my degree but would've nonetheless factored into my GPA.

I'm thinking I'm probably not in the greatest mood today. Yay me.

And this song just reminded me that I wanted to rant about music and the decline of quality in rap (Yes, it used to be different, listen to Tupac and Slick Rick for proof).
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