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Spoiler-heavy of course.

Lost 107 - The Moth.

Love Sawyer, such a jackass.

8 days now? Thanks for the note but I don't think everyone on the island needs to be reminded what day it is yet.

(Re: Chahlie running from Inviso!Beast through the forest) What the fucking hell?

"Bless me father for I have sinned. It's been one week since my last confession..." dfassghnjkl Guh. (Hee, ass)

And the confession? As follows: "I had...relations with a girl I didn't know...I then had relations with another girl I didn't know. I then...sat...and watched them as they had relations with each other..." ::Snort:: I'm still not sure how he can sound so innocent while confessing to a threesome to a preist. Though I do agree with beizy, I was seriously waiting for something about a guy too. But seriously? Dude. He even told the priest about Driveshaft. Wait. He was gonna quit? What?

Dude. All that noise was from that boar. Uh-huh. Sure.

"Gimme my bloody drugs!" He's withdrawing something fierce man. I don't envy him.

Sayid: "Thank god for fireworks smugglers." OMG! That's what Kate did! She was smuggling fireworks around the world for poor little boys and girls who don't celebrate July 4th! On a sidenote I can't be the only one who had a flashback to Bilbo's Eleventyfirst birthday, can I?

Jack: "Hurley, grab those bags!"
Hurley: "Oh gee, could I?" Sarcasm! Woot!

Back on the beach...The whole Scott-Steve thing was great. Poor cannon fodder.

Charlie wrote the music and he didn't wanna be famous? Hee! Loved Charlie shoving Liam and running, very cute!

(The Charlie & Hurley interaction) Oh god, he really desperatly wants to be recognized doesn't he? He has some self-esteem issues man. Oh shit, the cave!

Love Sayid. The whole "How did we survive" thing? Awesome.

Aw crap! Shannon's gonna fuck it up, you just frigin know it.

Yay, song! Hey! He totally stole his lines! Poor Chahlie.

Mercutio's in construction. How convieniant. Yay for knowledge!

Gah! Chahlie looks so sad and lost. Aww... The moth! Yay! Chahlie's the moth! God I love this show. God I love Locke. Also? I repeat: Self. Esteem. Issues.

Hurley: "Dude, we don't speak Chinese."
Mercutio: "Korean. They're Korean man." X )

(Fitting into the cave tunnel) Yay Chahlie! The heroin makes him skinny!

Sawyer's an ass. Still love him though.

Scarf-tie! Nine (In elvish!)! Single blue nail! Details! God, Liam's a motherfucker. Charlie fucking worshipped him and Liam treated him like shit off his shoe. God when Charlie started crying over the drugs... ::Whimper:: Charlie did have an unusual amount of dependence on Liam though, I think that either they were orphaned when they were younger (God I actually have a whole backstory along these lines for them), or that their parents were...not good/not around much. Because most siblings don't get along very well usually but when you have absentee parents (In one way or another) the children tend to bind together more.

The second cave-in? So didn't see that coming.

Oh no! Outfit! This is the day! BTW? HOLY SHIT! Liam got all straight-laced! And now Charlie (I did not just type Dom there) is the one who's hooked... Poor baby! God, if he would've just stayed with them...he'd probably be worse off actually.

Yay! Chahlie saved them!

Oh no, Shannon's gonna fuck it up! I knew it--Wait. Sawyer! Crap, Sawyer's gonna sabotage it on purpose! (Sayid go night-night) Huh? The hell?

Woo-hoo! It's not the end of the ep! Yay!

Hey look, Jack and Chahlie are both clean even though I doubt they've been to the ocean. They contaminated the drinking water to look pretty. Great. In all honestly though? Dom is an awesome actor, was I the only one who noticed how his hands shook slightly throughout the scene? Like I said man, it's in the details.

(Third request for the heroin) No! He has to throw it away or burn it or something, he has to. (Fire, heroin, melt) Yay! Of course now everyone has a contact-high but...

Next week's preview

Sawyer ep! One thing only. You know Sayid didn't kill him. Seriously. Can you imagine what would happen IRL if the only Middle-Easterner on the network right now were to behead and blonde-haired, blue-eyed southern boy? Really man.

I also noticed the similarities between Driveshaft and Oasis, starting with Liam and overflowing into the not-quiet-getting-along-brothers...

On another not I also realized just how much I love the idea of a staunchly Catholic boy being naughty. OMGsofuckinghot!
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