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Crowded elevators are bad, mmkay?

I've figured out why I dislike coding the Heroes Newsletter (Aside from the asshat who keeps spoiling me for SPN over there).

It's all the mushed names. I'm just not into fandom enough to know on site what half the mushes are. And when you list it Pairing: Paire, Mylar, Plaude I want to punch you in the face because it takes me a while to decipher all those "cute" little mashes. Is it really that hard to just type Pairing: Peter/Claire, Mohinder/Sylar, Peter/Claude?

Man, aside from the spoiler chick and the fucking names I like it though. I know it may not seem like it cause I complain all the time but that's mostly because the majority of my FList is in SPN fandom, so commenting on all the crazy shit I see coding on Saturdays isn't really news to anyone. Otherwise I'd totally bitch about the more annoying/dumb/batshit side of SPN too.

And yes, I'm totally starting coding early tonight. I'm tired and I don't feel real good so I want to have it ready in case I start nodding out at ten (which I doubt since I've only been up for three hours as of now).
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