BEWARE OF JENMAR. (clex_monkie89) wrote,

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“Ok so, I'm calling off my broken phone. Today is completely fired. I'm supposed to be covering for Marishna(?) on the ESPN newsletter tonight but all of the power in our complex just went out & we don't have a phone line, you know we use wireless to get on line so that's not gonna happen right now. I have no idea when it's gonna go back up, we have no idea what the hell is even wrong. If I can manage to do the news letter it might not go up until like 2:00 or 3:00 am & if I can't then it won't go up until tomorrow morning & I'm gonna need someone to cover for me or you know. Everyone can get mad when I go through that like, 6:00 Fri morning or something. If that, cos I'm not entirely sure it'll be on til then. I have no idea if anyone can actually even here me. So, yeah ok.”

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