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Totally married now. piratemerry just married me and unperfectwolf. Yay us!

unperfectwolf (12:29:09 AM): This is the first time I'm commenting in this comm, and it'll be the last - just to be clear. This isn't to sound like a bitch and you all are welcome to do as you like, but as someone who's been in online fandom for over 10 years, this is just my perspective, okay?
unperfectwolf (12:29:16 AM): I don't comment here because I *had* to join the comm to read it. I WILL NOT comment because of this. If the premise didn't make me want to read - and if I wasn't such a fan of Au's - I wouldn't have joined in the first place. I don't like people who make you join or friend them to read their stuff and I don't usually ever bother to even figure out what the stuff is about. If this was open, I'd have commented on the chapters as I read them. SO.
unperfectwolf (12:29:27 AM): Also, I refuse to comment on the other posts because it makes me feel like a loser, and like you guys feel that your fic is so much more than any other fic. It's not, in my mind. It's just one that's being posted slowly and in a locked comm, not even just in someone's journal. And I don't think it's wrong for it to have a comm, just for you to make people join it to read it.

unperfectwolf (12:29:37 AM): It kind of stinks of ego boosting. Complaining that people who have already joined the comm (which lets you know that they must be interested) aren't commenting is rude and makes me kinda want to just leave the comm because it really reminds me of the "OMG if I don't get x comments I wont post more" a/n's that I always stopped reading fic for back on ff.n.
unperfectwolf (12:29:45 AM): Take this as you will - like I said, just my perspective.

Also, I don't have this friended because of all the "extra" posts that are here, so I only read it when I remember to go see if more is posted. I would have friended it, except, you know, my friends list is already filled with stuff I want to read and most of this is just annoying clutter I wont look at, so make some other people don't have it friended for that reason. Just a thought.
clex_monkie89 (12:30:16 AM): Dude.
clex_monkie89 (12:30:18 AM): Marry me.
unperfectwolf (12:30:22 AM): heee
unperfectwolf (12:30:23 AM): sure
unperfectwolf (12:30:25 AM): Now?
clex_monkie89 (12:30:28 AM): Sure!
unperfectwolf (12:30:30 AM): who will do the service?
clex_monkie89 (12:30:35 AM): Oh, huh?
clex_monkie89 (12:30:37 AM): Damn.
unperfectwolf (12:30:46 AM): Cause I will totally tell LJ I married you
unperfectwolf (12:30:51 AM): Merry is right here
clex_monkie89 (12:30:59 AM): Dude, make her do it thaen
unperfectwolf (12:31:01 AM): if you don't mind being married by a one eyed cat
clex_monkie89 (12:31:03 AM): .**then
clex_monkie89 (12:31:07 AM): I don't mind!
unperfectwolf (12:31:11 AM): OKAY
clex_monkie89 (12:31:18 AM): [o/
unperfectwolf (12:31:27 AM): she is glaring cause I woke her up. I think thats a you are now married fuck off and die look
clex_monkie89 (12:31:35 AM): WOO!
Tags: friends: kwen, insanity

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