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Lost 106: Land of the Rising Sun

cleolinda is awsome. She made this Icon, does awesome reviews of Lost and did "Troy In 15 Minutes."

"Flying Sayid Super Tackle was the Greatest. Thing. Ever. Excluding Dom and his guitar, of course." --sporkninja here. I of course totaly agree.

"Verbally copulating." "Great White Hunter." Love Snarky!Chahlie so much!

(Jin V. Merc) What the fuck! Dude! Where the hell did that come from? ::Flying Sayid Super Tackle:: Aw hell yeah! Sweet! That was so cool a

And it can't be said enough but: Love Sayid (From Takit, Iraq)!

Charlie: Drugs. Right. (Loves his face here!)

Re: The Crispy comment, Love Hurley.

A fucking mummy?
...The hell? Why is there a fucking mummy on the island? Oh and look, the have Locke's Backgammon peices too.

The bees. Shit dude. Poor Charlie, they almost had the suitcase over it and then...BAM! He spazzes out and stomps it. Cue the running. Didn't really need to see Kate and Jack shirtless though, would've much rathered to see Charlie. That feels so weird to write.

I really need to find out why Jin attacked Mercutio. Really.

Loved the Polar Bear comment. We were all thinking it and the completely OMGWTFBBQ!'ness of it was never really addressed aside from the passing bit.

Aww! Puppy! So cute! Sun doesn't seem to like Jin working such long hours at the factory. Her Dad must be a total ass.

"I think we could live here." Damn. I know it's been eight days, and I know that everyone still thinks they'll be rescued but...Damn. He's the first person to voice the fact that they're gonna be here for a while. Though really? I'm so on the beach. Sawyer's right, the second everyone runs into the foresty-thing Disney Cruises floats on by. Murphy's Law man.

Jin + Blood. Dude! OMG OMG OMFuckingG Dude! Tell me he killed her dad!
Sun: "What do you do for my Dad?" Oh no fucking way man! Holy shit he's a hit man! Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Wow. Jack really wasn't checking her out. That's...kinda sad in a weird way.

Locke knows Driveshaft! Woot! Charlie is absolutely fucking giddy man you know it! Locke knows who he is, and like the band! He has taste!

Love Sayid yet again. Also? Hurley rocks my socks so hard. "Short walk. They lied."

"Have you been taking your lessons?" Tell me Sun knows English... You know she does.

Dude she totally ran! I knew it I totally knew it! You know, after they said the thing about 11:15...

Dom's caption said geek when he said git. Just a tidbit you might like to know.

Oh God. Chahlie's smile when he see's the guitar! God so...aww! And so full of tears! He was so freakin happy!

Ax 24/7. Because you never know. (Completely ripped from a Donnie Darko icon)

O_O >_< O_O! She decided not to go. Aw...geeze.

And I loved how they showed Jack doing his thing at the 'port. That was cool.

Eee! Guitar!


He's drying out! Dude!

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned." Wow. I had no idea I had such a kink for catholiscism until I heard that. Now? Wibble.
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