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Ramble, ramble

- Just signed up for spn_remix because I am a fucking masochist. I'm hoping not to get the same person I got in my last remix because, nothing personal, I never realized how much of a Wincester I was until I had nothing but gen fics to choose from to remix.

- Also? I will laugh heartily when either I get Deam or he gets me because we talk constantly and past in bits of what we're writing into chat when we talk. So if one of us gets the other we will know immediately when we don't want to talk about our Remix.

- I just downloaded the first 495 pages of Deathly Hollows. I don't even read HP. I think I just downloaded it because I could. I'm the chick who will be clicking on all the cut-tags next Sunday when my entire FList loses their fucking mind as one just because I wanna know what's going on.

- Tomorrow me and Phil are going to see Transformers and Harry Potter. My spoiler shirt came in from Threadless (I love you Julia!) and I'm totally wearing it tomorrow.

- I am currently procrastinating on a commentary for Twelve Times Dad Threatened to Turn The Car Around (And Three Times Dean Almost Rode In The Trunk). And yes, even I think I should've come up with a fucking shorter title.

- In the last two days I have eaten: one can of chicken noodle soup, two saltines (four if you count the ones in the soup), some onion rings, half a strip of Chips Ahoy and two pieces of Oreo Pie. Yussie made hamburgers last night (Saturday, not Sunday) and I wanted some so bad it wasn't funny, but because my stomach was all messed up I couldn't have any.

- My sleep schedule is all fucked up again.

- I've taken to throwing in a disc of Supernatural when I lay down to sleep. I think I'm subliminally trying to get Yussie hooked on it.

- I also make notes while "trying to sleep" and watching it. Sam totally corrected Dean in the Pilot when Dean cracked on him for wanting "normal." "No. Not normal. Safe." Poor Sammy didn't care about fitting in, he just didn't want to fear for his or his family's lives.

- I still have an obscene amount of comments in my inbox. Like fucking thirty-something that I should answer. Only about ten of them are still from my Big Bang though. Basically if the comment required any kind of brainpower I hit "Mark as Unread" and have not answered yet.

- I don't like being awake when Phil and Deam and everyone else is sleeping (and Julia is working). It's not fun.

- I have like, 60+ icons sitting in a folder on my desktop that I should upload and post eventually. I hesitate because I suck at making icons. I can crop and cut and color caps but... Two of them have any kind of brush or anything on them. I make really glorified bases. And occasionally finger-paint on Sam's face.

- Shit. I should probably plan my 50 States fic too, huh?
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