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Okay where to start? At the time of writing this (Originally) it's 9:55am and I'm sitting in Security class listening to Bloodhound Gang ("The Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying" - Hooray for Boobies).

Last Wednesday I didn't post my usual Lost thoughts because I missed the episode and had a minor breakdown.

Every Wednesday I bring in a TV from a different room into mine so I can watch it because my TV is broken from the last asshats who were in our room before us. For four weeks I did this and no one said anything, last week I tried this and Mrs. Mack (I do not like her for a large number of reasons) told me I couldn't do it and then told Rene who also said no.

This was at 6:45, quarter to Lost. I had a minor breakdown and started complaining loudly (Not yelling but verging on it) about what bullshit it was and how no one said anything for four weeks and how I only watch one hour of TV a week and now they won't let me watch it. I was thisclose to tears, not just because of Lost, my entire month/week had been pretty shitty and this was the straw that broke the camels fucking back. The only reason I didn't get a write-up was because Rene knew that I wasn't being an ass on purpose, I was just fed-up.

I still didn't have my costume and I was getting paid on Friday right before work. It's a 2-3 hour ride on the bus to and from Party City where I had to get a costume from so I knew that I wouldn't be able to get it until what was then next Tuesday (Yesterday). Rene suggested I ask for a pass for Thursday so I could go and get it during school (Did I forget to mention that I was also doing my job as Work-Base [Interning] from 0740-1530? Along with those "volunteer" shifts that went 1530-2300?). I told her that it wouldn't matter whether or not I got the pass because I was broke until Friday, so she suggested Early pay. Crisis averted? Shyeah, right.

Flash forward to Thursday. I'm up at 0645 and dressed (In my Dress uni no less) and out to see my counseler Michelle by 0700 (Usually I'm out at about 0735 or so.). Michelle won't give me a pass. I have seen a girl take and entire week leave for no reason other than the fact that she just didn't want to come to school and she was allowed to. I have been here since 1-19-04 and have never once missed a class, I was tardy once, I am always on task and she wouldn't let me have a 1/2 day pass! I was so mad I was almost in tears (Again) and was hypervenitlating.

Not the kinda I usually have when I have one of my attacks but the kind I used to have when I was little and didn't wanna cry, those tiny, short, quick breathes that make spots dance in your vision and blur the edges or your sight and makes your head light and your hands shake and actually kinda worries you because even though your trying you can't breathe. I was in a fucking bad mood for the rest of the day.

Friday I go back and try again. I'm pretty positive the only reason I got it is because I freaked out again but this time didn't make it out of her office. Also? You know how she said no on Thursday? My brother and 5 of his friends from class and a Smurf (Facilities Matainence--so named because of their all-blue uni's) got passes from their counselor's (The Smurf has a different counselor from the other because each trade has their own) on their first try.

On a side-note real quick I'm positive Idiot-Boy is Ferris Bueller. He get's away with everything and get's along with everyone at school and despite me being here since Janurary and him only being here since May I'm known as "Nerd/10-Cent's sister."

Me and three others from the afformentioned group (Who all went together with the exception of one Nerd [A Nerd is someone from the A+ Trade, like my bro]) also got early pay which meant I had $62 dollars to spend! We hopped on the bus at 1300 (T-Minus 4 hrs and counting to work) and got to Metro Center Mall at 1345.

I crossed the mall and walked a block to Party City where I spent about a forty-five minutes trying to decide on a costume before settling on a Nazgul ("A wringwraith. [...?] Those big black billowy things from Lord of the Rings that chased Frodo for the ring? Ringing any bells here?") for $40 dollars. Oy.

Then I spent five bucks on white greasepaint so I can do Idiot-Boy, Aaron, and Beer's faces on Friday (We come to school in costume that day) and other people faces at Samurai and Saturday and a pair of gloves that don't fit for my costume. I also spent ten bucks getting Teen Titans 17, Titans/Legion Special, and Identity Crisis 5. It's now 1500hrs (T-Minus 2hrs and counting) and I'm making my way back, I'm so thirsty I stop at Whataburger and get a 64 ounce drink and down it. Then I get a refill. In the span of litterally around 5five or so minutes I manage to chug 116 ounces of Coke.

I'm sure everone can see where this is headed.

We all meet up and get on the bus at 1600--just enough time to get back to Job Corps and run straight to work. About fifteen minutes into the ride I have to piss. I figure I can hold it in, it's not like I have a choice right? 1630 we're at Central Station, we're litterally three stops away from Job Corps and the bastard driver get's off for his 15 minute ciggarette break. I sit for five minutes and then decide I can't hold it in any longer and go to get off the bus, but it's locked. That asshole locked the fucking doors to the bus so no one could get off! I'm dancing for what seems like and hour but was only ten minutes. When you have 116 ounces of coke sitting in your bladder ten minutes is the difference between dignity and pissing yourself on a public bus in front of people you go to school with. Luckily Fuck-Head decided to open the doors before it happened. Let me tell you I ran out of there as quickly as someone carrying a 22 lb bag with a bad knee, a limp, and 116 ounces of Coke kicking them in the bladder can.

Dear sweet mother of god in all of holy and merciful hell never use the bathroom in Central Station unless you absofuckinglutely have to! Hover. And bring Kleenex because there won't be toilet paper. And be brave because the last person doesn't know how to flush. Ick, and Ack.

Best part? I get out of the bathroom (It took me nearly twenty minutes to figure out how to use it without actually touching anything--that place was the stuff of sakura_aideen's nightmares) and my fucking knee gives out. Woo. I call work (It's 1705 now) and tell Domingo I'm at center station and I'll be about a half an hour late cause I have to walk. The bus pulls up and I manage to get on, my legs are fucking killing me but I walk the block and a half to Job Corps and go dump my stuff in my room and get my Busy-Books for work. I'm shaking so bad (My knee hurts that much) at this point that I borrow Rosa's phone to call Domingo and tell him I'm in my room I'll be up in about ten minutes and procede to lay down for about nine. I finally get to work at 1745 and grab dinner real quick and start actually working at 1800. I work and extra hour to make up for what I lost. I get back in the dorms at 2300 with every intention of going straight to sleep. I actually fall asleep around 0300.

My usual work schedule is: Friday and Sunday 1700-2200 (5pm-10pm), Saturday 1200-2200 (Noon-10pm). I asked for Saturday off this week because me and a large group of people are going to Samurai Comics on Saturday where they're having a Cosplay contest and after that we're heading over to Rocky and then back to Genny's (Gay!Denny's) next to Samurai. Because I still need those ten hour that means that on Sunday I'm working 1200-2200 and next Thursday I'm working 1700-2200 so I'll still have my full hours for the week.

More on the TV subject. I own a total of three DVD's and have one rented from the library. I own The Trilogy (LotR for those who don't know) and have BHD (Black Hawk Down) on loan. Each of these movies are around three hours long--which means that I don't get to watch them. At all. EVER. We get let into the dorms at 3:30 and have dinner at five, dinner's over at six and then snack is at 7:30, TV's off at ten for cleanup, on at eleven when it's over and off at midnight for curfew. I work all weekend long and don't get to use the TV then because I still have laundry and things to do after work.

Also TV is a Majority Rule thing, that means even if I'm there first and want to watch something if two or more people want to watch something else they get to watch it. Golden Girls seems to be a favorite here.

Also nobody here knows how to work anything that has anything to do with technology without completely breaking it. Most of them actually don't know how to turn the DVD player on. As a result I'll be sitting in my room on the computer (Because that's all that I ever do), or have just gotten off of work and/or school and be immediatly assaulted by cries of "Help," "Put on the DVD," "Fix the satalite," or "Put this of channel 45 for me!" And I always help because I'm too fucking nice and I don't want them to break it--even though I don't get to use it and never ask anyone for anything in return though the chicks here gouge each other like you wouldn't fucking believe.

I have no money until Friday afternoon again (This time my first work check) and I still need tights and gloves for my costume possibly. I have tights but they have flames up the side so I'm trying you use them only if I have to, and while the gloves don't fit perfect I'll use them if I have to.

Only problem with the costume that's an actual problem? My chest. When I put the costume on my chest makes it look like a raggedy dress. I know how to bind my chest, I did it when I was younger (Don't ask, long story) but I was very much smaller at the time, like 36B smaller. Now? I have nine Ace Bandages I'm gonna use to try and fasten down my 44DD's. I hate my chest so much. When I get enough money (About two years after I'm dead) I'm going to have a large portion of them removed, I swear.

Tomorrow I have PT, it was supposed to be today but I moved it because I would rather do Social Skills Training then go to PT. So wrong.

Saturday I did get to see White Rabbit when I found out Lost 4 and 5 were being replayed on ABC from 1900-2100. I realized among other things that I really don't want to be spoiled from this show. I already knew everything that was gonna happen because I read everyone else's reviews on the ep when I thought I wasn't gonna see it and as a result I already knew what was gonna happen and that element of surprise I had for the other eps just wasn't there. When I watched Smallville I loved being spoiled, I lived for Kryptonsite and their spoilers, I only saw I think the first four episode's without them. But because I stopped being surprised so early I forgot how good it feels when something happens and it's a genuine surprise to you.

Long story short? I'm not going to hunt for Lost spoilers. I don't mind pictures or small things such as knowing who'a episode next week's is, but things like who's going to do what in an ep or who's getting killed? Too much for me.

It's 1246 now and I'm still in Security because SiaTech locked me out. I had three weeks of WBL where I
spent 0740-1530 working 600, while I was working 600 my password to get on the SaiTech computers expired and now they can't get me back in because the lady who gives the passwords? She's been locked out of her system too. That means I can't get on the computer. The only things I have left in Math and U.S. History? Computer things of course. Which means I'm Temping out of that into Security, my only other class, which I'm done with (Except for my gurad card which I need my drivers license for which is another TAR which I need my birth certificate for). I am litterally sitting all day wasting my time until they fix my SiaTech account.

1657 now, three minutes to dinner and I'm back at the dorms. I plan on eating (Or trying to at least) and then spending about an hour or so trying to bind and see if it will work, then Salsa's gonna let me steal her room for an hour so I can watch Lost from 1900-2000.
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