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Author Commentary: Five Things: Jess Edition

tigriswolf wanted me to expand on my Jess, more specifically her edition of my Five Things. My commentary will be in purple.

Title: Five Things: Jess Edition
Rating: R
Fandom(s): Supernatural
Characters: Jess, Sam, Dean, John.
Pairing: Sam/Jess, Sam/Dean
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Words: 1,998
Authors Notes: What you might want to know is this. Jess is in school to be a social worker. Eli is a hunter kid Sam knew from before (Don't worry though, he fucks up too much and isn't nearly a big enough focal part of anything to be a Mary Sue in any way). Jess, who is going to be a social worker, is dating a boy who doesn't like to talk about anything pre-college, wont talk to his family and has more than a few physical scars on his body. This Jess is under the (mistaken) assumption that John is a worthless drunk who beat his children senseless.

I always hate when people have a huge amount of author's notes on a fic; I generally find that if you can't fit it into the fic you need to redo your fic. I hate that I needed to do all these notes for this but this isn't really a fic exactly and wasn't even crossposted so it doesn't make me cry or anything.

Five things Jess knew about Dean.--mooyoo


The exact shape of his teeth.

Sam has these faint white lines on his chest. They're under his right pec and close to the side. They form a misshaped circle with some indented places.

Sam said his big brother bit him once when they were little. Wrestling match gone mean.

...Jess really wants to believe him.

The funny thing about this one? I did this intentionally to make it look like some sort of love bite or something. Dean really did bite him while wrestling once though, Sam started it though, almost took out a chunk of flesh on Dean's arm. Jess doesn't entirely believe him because, as stated in my notes up there, she's planning to be a social worker and she's gone through all the classes and learned about situational incest and stuff. My Jess actually has a list she made up that's split in half. The left side is why she thinks maybe he was a little incestuous with his brother (citing class notes and such) and the right side is why she thinks she's being paranoid (citing previous relationships she's fucked up with out-there accusations).


Sam has implied on more than one occasion that some of his scars may have similar yet more vicious counterparts on his older brother.

"It could've been worse, if Dean hadn't-- Yeah. It's not as bad as it looks."

This is the beginning of Jess's eternal love for Dean. In her head that right there says that when John used to beat them Dean would draw the attention to himself to save Sam. She's got the right idea but she's a tad off (seeing as how it's monsters and not John that used to wail on them).


He spoiled Sam rotten.

Sam can't bake or cook. He can barely use a microwave and she actually had to show him how to make Kool-Aid. He knows how to do laundry and can get any stain out of anything. He can sew better than her Grandmother but is completely stumped by grocery shopping.

Dean was the Mommy. Sam knows how to do laundry and get our stains because of all the blood on clothing. The sewing is pretty obvious. "Normal" things baffle him.

Any time you make yourself something, a glass of milk, a sandwich, anything, he assumes you've made him something too. And when you haven't? He makes this face and you can't help but feel like you've just punted a puppy across the room.

Jessica loves Dean for that almost as much as she loves Sam.

At first Jess thought Sam was a complete Mama's Boy. Assumed he was an only child and figured he was spoiled beyond belief. Then she found out about Mary dieing and John being an asshole (or so she thinks) and Dean and realized she was right about the spoiling but wrong about who did it. If Sam hadn't've looked as annoyed/angry as he did when Dean broke into their apartment she would've hugged Dean right then. Well, after putting on some clothes.


Dean was once expelled from a Catholic School for getting caught having sex in a bathroom during lunch.

Sam was expelled too because he was the lookout. Apparently, this was par for the course for them.

This is when she realizes that Sam and Dean were totally Siamese conjoined twins. Sam covered for Dean, Dean covered for Sam and any story Sam ever tells will star or feature Dean in a very big way.


According to Eli, he kisses just like Sam does, or more specifically Sam kisses just like he does.

She kinda thinks it's a joke but sometimes she's just not sure.

This needs some Eli explanation. Eli was at a school with Sam for a few weeks once when Sam was fifteen or sixteen. At this point in time Dean was out of school but was outside every day fifteen minutes before class was out to pick up Sam and take him home. None of the kids in the school knew anything about Sam and rumors started to fly (the largest and most popular one being that "the guy in the car" was Sam's boyfriend. Eli heard this and knows they're brothers and ever since has made every incest joke he can think of (because Sam made the dumb mistake to actually show that they pissed him off).

Jess thinks maybe it's a joke because Eli is always making jokes like that but she's not sure because of her list and because of that thing where Sam refuses to talk about his first kiss (in such a way where you don't realize he's changed the subject until about a day later). Also she knows Sam merrily swings both ways and that he has in fact kissed Eli on at least a few occasions.

5 lies Jess caught Sam in and 5 reasons why she didn't confront him about them.--fiddleyoumust


That scar he has, that large, roughened patch of flesh on his lower back that he says came from a propane explosion.

She knows that's a load of bullshit.

That scar didn't come from fire, the flesh there didn't burn, it bubbled like something that had scalding water or some kind of chemical thrown on it.

She never calls him on it though.

She's going to be a social worker one day and she's going to have to be able to handle children whose parents have done unthinkable, inhumane things to them. One day.

She doesn't think she'll ever be able to deal with the reality of what that monster (not a father, not a man, a real man would never hurt someone like that much less their own flesh and blood) did to Her Sam though.

Sam's got this nifty way of justifying his lies; if he gives something obviously stupid and then doesn't correct any assumption that comes from it (like John being a drunk or John beating him or John being an abusive bastard) then it's not that bad. He never actually told her that his Dad ever hit him but he never said that he didn't either. She doesn't call him on his obvious lies because, as it says up there, she knows she's not ready to hear what she thinks the truth is. She's terrified of hearing Sam say something like, "my Dad threw boiling water on me," or "I never fell off of any wall, he split my head open." It works for them, she accepts what they both know is a lie and neither have to deal with any version of the truth.

I had to make her echo Dean a bit right there; she's very territorial when it comes to Sam. He's not her Sam he's Her Sam.


That's NOTHING though. She lazily scratches his stomach one night after sex and he mentions that Dean used to scritch and scratch his stomach when he was little.

She stops scratching for a moment because who the FUCK brings up their brother after sex? Especially when their girlfriend is...

Scratching their stomach.

The opening to this, that first line, is supposed to be in Jess's voice. A very, "but wait! There's more!" kind of thing. I don't think it worked too well. This one actually came from me and mikhale talking about how Sam just doesn't understand some things. He doesn't get why mentioning Dean right then would be wrong because he's focused on the tummy scratching, the sex part is in the background in his head, but it's always there when he thinks/talks about Dean and so he's blind to the awkwardness of it.


That whole "It's against my religion to be naked" thing he tried to pull way back.

Okay, sure, he was raised in the same cult as Eli apparently and Eli's always all covered and stuff too but...

If that were true, how the hell would they shower?

Sam's got a lot of scars. Sam tries to think of an excuse not to get shirtless or anything on front of Jess and have to explain them. Sam comes up with a Clark Kent-worthy lie. Jess trumps his ass with logic. That's something she never let him live down either, one of those things she pulls out when she feels like he needs to be knocked down a peg. She never actually called him on it though, never had to because the moment he said it he winced. Even he didn't buy his own lie and it was obvious.


There are times, not many but enough to note, when Jessica isn't entirely sure Sam's mother died in a fire.

It's just the way his voice is perfectly even right before his mouth twitches, like he's rehearsed it or something, that makes all the blood in her body run ice-cold.

Sam doesn't talk about his family a lot and he talks about Mary even less but I think he fumbles it a few times. The first few times he talks about it he mentions that she "was killed" when he was a baby. Jess remembers that clearly and it jumps to the front of her mind later when he mentions her dying in a fire. The way he says it and the way it (seemingly) contradicts his first low and halted admissions scare her and make her think (in the back parts of her brain she doesn't like listening to) that maybe John did something to her. She's hear about men who burn their girlfriends/wives alive or who kill them and then burn their houses down to try and hide it.


Sam claims to hate all music made before the nineties.

On the rare occasion that he listens to the radio, he flies right past the classic rock stations (and how does he know which ones not to even pause on anyway?) like stopping on them will unleash a plague or something.


Jess though has woken up in the middle of the night with Sam curled around her and some loud, guitar-filled song blasting out of the stereo. She has seen the AC/DC on the iPod she got him (with Evan's credit card but it's the thought that counts), right above the Led Zeppelin and The Eagles and she has heard him screaming along with the Johnny Cash CD she certainly doesn't own in the shower.

What she doesn't understand is why the fuck you would lie about music anyway, why not lie about something important?

This is one of those things she just doesn't get about Sam. She listens to that kind of music sometimes so she doesn't understand why he won't admit to liking it. She doesn't call him on it because she doesn't even know why he lies. She doesn't realize he isn't lying. He doesn't like the music but it makes him think of John and Dean and as independent as he is and wants to be he still misses them like all hell sometimes.

And Sam screams along with Johnny Cash because what he does can't be called signing by any stretch of the imagination.

5 things about Jess that remind Sam of Dean.--lissa_bear


Yeah. This one sucks a lot and no one really got it.

The boxes arrives on a Tuesday. Jessica takes all fifteen boxes and sorts the clothing into piles, shirts Dietrich got himself, shirts Jess got herself, shirts Eli got himself and shirts Jess got for Sam.

Sam's shirts range from mild to ones he would never, ever wear (such as the one with a picture of a demon on it and "Whatever doesn't kill you makes it stronger" written in faux blood).

Jessica wears her new shirts every chance she gets.

Wednesday is a baby pink shirt with I'll be using these to get ahead written across her chest in hot pink letters.

Because, like Dean, she knows she looks good and she's not above making light of it. She's smart as hell but she doesn't mind people thinking she's a dumb blonde--it makes it more fun when she proves them wrong.

Thursday is a plain black shirt with white lettering. This orgy sure is off to a slow start.

Yeah, she likes sex. A lot. She was completely shell-shocked when on the end of her first date with Sam he kissed her cheek and walked away. Jess is, much like Dean, all about the sex.

Friday is their date night. She wears a black and white baseball shirt to the movies with Two drinks away from girl-on-girl action on it in big red letters underneath the buxom, female sillouettes.

She's not big on shame. And yes, she will totally make out with another chick so long as two guys promise to do the same. She's not above taking one for the home team (even though she says she's a little bit bi, not much but enough).

Saturday Jess spends the day in her sports bra and panties.

This is less about her being like Dean and more about her being like Sam. She's comfortable enough with him at this point that she doesn't feel the need to dress up--or at all--for him. One of the things I loved about the pilot was how Jess wasn't wearing some teddy or some cute matching set, she was wearing an old shirt and a mismatched pair of boyshorts because she was asleep in bed with the boyfriend she was living with.

Sunday is a four-x shirt worn as a dress with a belt stolen from Sam. The shirt proclaims she is not wearing any underwear.

Remember that no shame thing? Yeah. This is like every fic where Dean tells Sam he's going commando.


Sam and Jess once spent three and a half hours debating the finer points of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and Farscape.

Han, Kirk, Teal'c and Chiana. Sam's laughter may have had a slightly hysterical tinge to it when he found out all of Dean's favorite characters were Jess's favorites.

I think it's canon by now that Dean is a gigantic Geek. And you know those are his favorite characters.


Shortly before their fifth date Sam takes a header down the stairs in the dorm (really, he got tackled and pummeled by the pissed-off ghost in the third floor bathrooms but that's not exactly something you tell the girl you think is hot) and some moron actually calls the paramedics.

Jessica goes to the hospital that night. She steals his juice, signs the bandage on his (minor, very minor) head wound and tells him he has to get out of there soon because otherwise she's going to fuck him in the hospital bed and that's frowned upon.

It's signing the bandage that's the Dean thing for me. You know that whenever Sam got a cast growing up Dean signed it over and over and over with all the names he's used until there was nor more room left to sign.


Sam once spent three days trying to watch The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Jess.

It took three days because not only can Jess not sit still for fifteen minutes but she can't shut up either.

Sam wants to punch Eli right in his damned face for ever calling him Frodo around her.

And, Jesus Christ, Sam will never, ever look at Legolas or Aragorn the same way again.

As proved in Wendigo Dean must cheapen the moment. So must Jess. She's the one who rather than go on and on about their Epic Love would wait until the Very Serious Scenes and then "translate" the Elvish between them into dirty talk and sex. That one's kinda completely ripped off from my sister, Pissy.


She listens to AC fucking DC.

Sam may have cried a little when he found out.

What I don't mention is that she also listens to My Chemical Romance and the Backstreet Boys and NYSNC and such. So she doesn't exactly always have good taste.

Five things Sam never knew about Jessica.--apocalypsos


Sam never knew about the list of baby names Jess kept in her notebook.

Truthfully, she'd been thinking about baby names since she was about twelve or so.

This list was different though, this list was full of names she thought sounded good in front of "Winchester."

If Sam had ever gotten around to proposing she would've said yes before he even finished asking.


Jessica had a big brother once. She was five and a half when he died. Car accident. Drunk driver.

Sam knows this.

She never told Sam the drunk driver was her biological father though.

She knew he'd understand but she just couldn't ever make herself say the words.

This is part of why she doesn't ask Sam about John. Her biological father (not the man she calls "dad") was the drunk she thinks John is. Her family doesn't talk about him much and she doesn't remember him hardly at all except for that and a small memories of overwhelming fear.


Jessica hates war movies.

Hates them. Everything from Platoon to Full Metal Jacket to Black Hawk Down to... Actually those are the only ones she can name.

She's never liked them. She hates war and she hates watching people die (unless it's someone who deserves it like those idiots in the horror movies who run up the fucking stairs when a killer is chasing them) and the gore in the movies really does make her want to vomit a lot.

But Sam loves them so much and he rarely asks for anything. So she watches the movies with him and tries as hard as she can to fall asleep within the first fifteen minutes.

Jess is really a big softie. Poltergeist and Freddy Krueger and the Jason movies and and those movies are different because they're fake. Wars are real and people actually die in them. Nobody gets murdered by ghosts or people that keep coming back to life. At least as far as Jess knows.


Sam knows that Jess thinks she believes in ghosts, not the real ones he's seen but the Hollywood idea of them.

Jess is dangerously close to fluffy bunny territory when it comes to ghosts. She's one of those chicks who believes in ghosts but thinks they're like in Ghost, stuck here to deliver a message or something.

She thinks the dorm is haunted (which, given, it is) and has told several people, including Sam. He, of course, made fun of her and implied she might not be very bright for thinking such things.

He still feels like shit for that.

Sam panics when people talk about ghosts and demons and monsters is any kind of real way. The man doth protest too much.

Sam knows that Jess tried to talk to the spirit (a girl who fell off the roof drunk and broke her neck) once.

Jess never told him that the girl talked back though.

In the Supernatural universe anyone can see spirits if they look hard enough; it's not like in Ghost where you have to be a medium or something. Jess is the chick with the Ouji board and too much time on her hands (and very dumb ideas when she's drunk).


And Jess certainly never told Sam what the spirit, Julia, said about him.

This was written when I was still calling fiddleyoumust Drunky McDrinksalot so I decided I had to name the drunk!ghost after her.

It was probably all lies anyway.

Sam can't even shoot a pellet gun, she's seen him try.

Jess is very lucky she ran into a relatively new ghost. She's not pissed off enough yet to try and hurt people. She just gossips a lot. And she's seen Sam running around there playing Hero and tagging some of the more bothersome ghosts there.

Five times Jess stole Sam's food.--mikhale

We have a thing about Jess being a food thief. Don't ask.


The very first time Sam and Jess met it was in the cafeteria. Sam was eating alone near the back and this beautiful blonde with a tray packed with food came up to him and asked if he was going to eat his apple.

Sam picked up said apple and licked it.

And then cursed himself in his head and wondered why the hell he even did it, it was not like it had ever stopped Dean.

Apparently it wouldn't stop the new girl either. She took the apple out of his hand and took a big bite of it, introducing herself (mouth still full of apple) as Jess and sitting down at his table.

Sam didn't stand a chance.

The talking with her mouth full is another Dean thing; as is the food stealing in general. It's also worth noting that while this is the first time they meet this isn't the first time Jess has seen Sam. She's been quasi-stalking him for a while at this point. She has no problem eating his pre-licked food because she plans on having her tongue in his mouth by the end of the week anyway.


Their first date involves a trip to a cheap Chinese restaurant Sam knows.

Sam gets the beef and broccoli with sticky rice and an order of dim sum.

Jess gets orange chicken and egg rolls.

They spend an hour and a half at the restaurant. Jess eats all her food, all of Sam's dim sum and a large portion of his beef and broccoli.

This came after a talk the pretty much amounted to, "Sam cannot possibly date a girl who eats like a fucking bird." And thus this scene, with her actively eating all her food and then most of his, was born.


"Dammit," Sam curses as he rummages through his drawer. Shrimp ramen, there, beef ramen, there, bag of cereal, there, ritz crackers, there (opened and half-eaten, but there), chocolate frosting, missing.

Sam is a packrat with food. Sam doesn't like eating in front of people (and likely has only slightly better manners than Dean when he does) so he has like an entire store's worth of food in his room for when he gets hungry.

"What," Dietrich asks.


"What about her?"

"She's a kleptomaniac. She keeps stealing my food."

"Maybe you should stop showing her where you hide it."

"Shut up."

Damn that pesky logic.

"Want a cookie?"

"Did you lick it?"


I'm sorry, that was fucking hilarious to me. I'm like Johnny Knoxville--I'm easily amused.



Cafeteria again. Jess, Sam, Dietrich, Eli and Evan are all actually eating there. Dietrich hates cafeteria food and Evan's spoiled rotten so Sam's positive that Jess bribed them down there.

Sam has the last chilli dog.

Jess is currently trying to bribe him with sex for it. Sam will not be swayed though, mainly because he can hold out on sex longer than Jess can and giving up good food for no reason is just stupid.

Jess is a horny, horny girl. And this Sam is all Wincesty too so he's used to going for a while without sex while he waits for John to leave or something,

He shoves nearly half the thing in his mouth, ignoring anything Eli and Dietrich are bound to say, and smiles at Jess while she begs.

He just shoved half of a hot dog in his mouth. In my head Eli and Dietrich spend a good full minute making jokes.

"Please baby, just one little bite? Pretty please? I'll totally make it worth your while."

Sam considers this.

And then reaches in his mouth, pulls out a chunk of half-chewed chilli dog, and sets in on Jess' tray.

See? Only slightly better manners than Dean. Dean would've just spit it out onto the tray.

Sam can't help but laugh when she picks it off her plate and eats it. He laughs even harder when Evan and Dietrich start gagging and make choking noises.

"Oh my God," Jess starts. "I'm eating something covered in my boyfriend's saliva, ew! That's so gross! It's like, oh my God, so nasty! Please. If I can suck his cock I can eat his food dammit."

Sam's forehead hits the table with a thump.

Jess has no shame, I'm sure I said this up there earlier. And poor Sam, he's just not prepared for some of the things she says.


Okay. So maybe it doesn't technically count as stealing since Jess is the one who made it and made it for herself. And bought half the groceries. And picked out the food.

But still.

Dean always made Sam food when he made himself something.

Yeah, that one's totally Sam's voice. And it's true. Dean always made him food and gave him food and spoiled him rotten and so he just expected Jess to do it too.

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