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Interview part whatever.

From hansbekhart this time.

1. If you could be any secondary character in Supernatural, who would it be and why?

Bobby. Because he's cool as shit, knows tons of stuff and yet doesn't have to actually go out and get in the line of fire unless he wants to. He's the ultimate librarian, yo.

2. X-Men or Harry Potter: whose villains are lamer?

Harry Potter, dude. X-Men at least have Magneto. He pulled the fucking admantium out of Wolverine's skeleton once. THROUGH HIS FUCKING PORES.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where and why?

I'd love to see Japan. Seriously, this goes back to my Geeky Anime days.

4. What's your favorite part about where you live?

...It doesn't often get so cold that I'm in pain? Yeah, I'm gonna take this to mean place-wise. Right now I live in a small apartment with Phil and Yussie but in two weeks we move into a three bedroom and Stephie (Yussie's girlfriend) moves in with us. We are the fucking Geekcave and the three/four of us brainwave constantly. Plus? Stephie's bringing her puppy to move in, Phil's brand new puppy is staying and Freckles is coming back too. PUPPIES!!!

5. Why do you like John Mayer, anyway?

It's better than being a Cheesehead.
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