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You know, if I weren't already spoiled (for the S3 casting spoiler) by a random asshat I would be very pissed right now.

Why? Because this stupid chick on the N_W watcher FList has no fucking clue what a spoiler is apparently.

Her post went something like this:

"______ _______ will appear in SPN season 3.

This is _______ _________. _____ was in _________."

No cut tag or anything, not even the word spoiler anywhere in her post. And I recognize that one icon she ever uses too; she's the chick who spoiled me last time too.

This is gonna happen every time I code for this newsletter, isn't it? I code for SPN and everyone warns and is nice and cool and I don't get spoiled for any fandoms but I code for Heroes and the same chick spoils me twice in two codings.
Tags: fandom: heroes: ninth_wonders, fandom: supernatural, spoiler phobia
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