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Interviews (Part 2)

txtequilanights is responsible for these five.

Of the fandoms you've been involved in, which one is your favorite?

I'm gonna say Supernatural. Prison Break is a very, very close runner-up but the sheer rabidness of some of the MiSa shippers made it lose. Supernatural wins in large part though because most of the awesome people I met in PB Fandom migrated over here when Prison Break hit season two and started to suck.

2) If you could have an exotic animal for a pet, what kind would you want?

Define exotic? I kinda wanna say a chinchilla just because I like the word "chinchilla" and would enjoy saying it a lot. "This is my Chinchilla, I've named him Bobert. Would you like to hold my chinchilla?"

3) Is there anything that you take with you everywhere you go and feel weird and naked without?

My backpack. When I walk to the store (Literally less than a block away) I don't take it with me anymore because my crutches hurt my back enough without it but I still feel weird without it on.

4) What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

I don't really remember playing with a lot of toys when I was a kid so I'm gonna go with Barbies. When I was like, eleven or twelve or something me and my friend Crystal used to play with our Barbies all day. They were always getting pregnant or becoming hookers or something like that. Can you tell we lived in a trailer park?

5)Are there any actors whose every movie/show/appearance/etc you will watch, no matter how bad it might be? Is there more than one?

I tend to go through cycles with that. Brendan Fraser doesn't count because I don't think he can really do anything bad (Shut up, Monkey Bone was fucking awesome!). Same with Val Kilmer, John Cusack and Kevin Spacey; even if the movies suck they're usually pretty good in them.

Aside from them though? I own DeVour (which I still haven't watched) and have House of Wax and Cry_Wolf on Dean because of Jensen and Jared. And I watched Freaky Friday because Mayhem was in it. And Sweet November because of Rosenbaum. And Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2 because of Welling. And Close to Home because of Kane. I watched Benchwarmers for Amaury Nolasco and an episode of Popular for Wentworth Miller. I watched Kate & Leopold for Hugh Jackman (and very nearly almost picked it for reel_spn) along with Swordfish and Yourself or Someone Like You.

Oh, and I'm totally gonna see Jared's new lame-ass movie this Christmas too because I love Jared like pie and because I've never seen him life-sized before.

I guess what I'm saying is that if I like an actor I'll probably watch at least one shitty movie because they're in it.

maygra for these five.

1) Name three qualities in common with three or more of your friends.

Non-heterosexuality (Most of them), Geekishness (All of them), Nerdyness (again, most of them).

2) Cooking school or Jewelry design school?

Jewelry design school. I love artsy things. Plus I'm not someone who should be left alone near a stove. I can make tuna noodle casserole and that's it. Everything else winds up bad.

3) You get to be a guest start in your favorite tv show. What's your character's purpose?

Scream. I'd be one of the chicks in Supernatural whose lone purpose is to scream like an angry banshee at the MotW.

4) You've got a one way ticket to the past. Where and when do you go?

Back to May 1st and telling Dad to go back to sleep.

5) You're giving a concert on the great Wall of China, satellite broadcast everywhere, translated into every language. What do you sing?

Prelude 12/21 by AFI. It's only a minute and a half long. :D
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