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Ten Things About Me

This was totally supposed to be a weekly thing but... Well. iSuck.

1) Okay, not really about me, but? My Dad had Thanksgiving dinner with John Wayne Gacy. Dad's first wife's brother apparently had a friend who was friends with him and they had a a Thanksgiving with a bunch of people once and he came with. Dad says you could tell there was something off about him but he didn't know what. Apparently he drank like a fish and stared hard enough at some of the guys there that he almost got his ass kicked.

2) I actually keep porn on my computer for research on what to do and what not to do while writing a sex scene. I have been known to keep entire hour-long clips just for two-three minutes worth of good footage for a scene. And on that note? Porn? Kinda depressing, actually. No one ever looks like they're enjoying it and that's just sad.

3) Despite having a ton of people on my MSN and AIM buddylists I will hardly ever actually IM anyone first because I'm always convinced I'm either interupting them while they're doing something or that they don't wanna talk to me. There are very, very few exceptions to this.

4) I am slightly OCD when it comes to my bookmarks. And I have to add more folders because the SPN ones each have enough in them that I end up ditting for about fifteen seconds while they scroll to the bottom unless I open up the "Organize Bookmarks" thing.

5) I fucking love fic done in experimental formats when they're done right.

6) I have not watched TV in nearly a month. The first Saturday morning I was over here I tried to watch an hour or so of cartoons on the crappy reception of Phil's TV before I gave up and went to sleep.

7) The entire month I have been listening to music nearly 24/7. With the exception of when the playlist turns off while I'm asleep and before I wake up or when watching a movie.

8) I fucking procrastinate.

9) I almost always have a hard time thinking of ten things people want to know about me.

10) I really, really hate odd numbers.
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