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Okay, so I'm in the second stage of my routine for The Laundry List, right? I've nabbed the caps I need and separated them and made all the text files for each ep and now I'm going through and clarifying the items of clothing.

I'm at Playthings right now (and I still think one of the few things to come out of that ep are Sam's forearms) and I come across this image in part of one of the caps.

(Cap by bluebear_74, tweaked by me.)

You see how Dean's sleeve comes down over his knuckles? And how his fingers are kinda curled up over the end? That right there rendered me useless for like, a full minute.

And while we're talking about Geeky things with pie charts...

Give me a topic - fannish, political, religious, whatever - and I'll post about it. Maybe a sentence, maybe paragraph, maybe a multi-part post complete with pie charts...IF YOU'RE LUCKY.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, laundry night inventory, meme

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