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Explosive Laundry [Fannish post]

Watched Hannibal Rising earlier. I told Yuss and Phil it was gonna suck but of course they didn't listen to me. God that movie was fucking horrible.

I spent like, an hour downloading screencaps for The Laundry List last night. Probably gonna start up on the actual coding tonight.

I got a copy of SFX with the column on The Laundry List in it. I am kinda retardedly giddy over it.

Have also been working on some extra Big Bang art the last few days too. I have like, five/six (Depending on how this last one turns out) pieces of physical art for Hans that I'm gonna be mailing her when I have the money to get manilla envelopes but until then I've got one piece of art from her by me and one that's kindasorta a collab between me and her other artist.

Speaking of Big Bang; I'm an idiot. I post mine on Friday, not Thursday. If you need me I'll just be wandering around over here trying to figure out what those little letters and numbers on that calender means.

I can't really think of other fannish stuff to say right now so... Yeah.
Tags: fandom: supernatural

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