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How To: Use torrents

Download Utorrent.

That'll help you get the torrents.

Once you have that installed go to a torrent site such as Mininova. That's where you get the torrents. You type in what you want up in the search box and it will find it.

Once it brings up this page:

Click on one of the links, these are links to torrent downloads.

The page it brings up should look like this:

Click where it says "Download this torrent."

Once it downloads you will want to open it, it will ask if you want to make Utorrent the default for torrents, say yes. It's easier that way.

Once you have Utorrent up and running and your download going it should look like this:

(Except not at 100% like mine is). When the torrent is done downloading there will be a small pop-up in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen telling you.

Do not hit X to make UTorrent smaller, it will stop the download. Just hit the - and it will minimize to your starter trey.

Once the torrent is at 100% just right-click on the file and choose "Open Containing Folder."

Once you're at the folder you're there! Just click on the file and play like a normal download.

(Ignore the song, it really just is the one that's one right now)
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