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Lost again.

NON-LOST: Frodo and Sam '04

I only just realized that Semagic ate my last Lost post so I'm re-posting it with this one. Never been happier for Notepad.

Spoilers a-hoy.

Lost episode 103

I'm telling you man, Bermuda fucking triangle.

Sayid rocks so hard man! So hot! And with the ponytail? Not many guys can pull that off without looking completely stupid or old but he can.

Love Mercutio, loved the way it stopped raining right after he told his son he's find the dog when it stopped.

Tribal flutes. Snort. I'm with beizy on this one, he's confusing skin with tribal again.

Too many fucking commercials.

Must find out the secret, must find out the secret--the one Locke told Mercutio Jr that is. But also what the hell Kate did.

Hurley still rocks. Everytime he says Dude I spaz for obvious reasons. He's so anti-Mary Sue he's like my hero. He passes out at blood, gets that whole awkward thing with Kate despite just meeting her (Given: Criminal and all but it's still IC for him even otherwise), runs away from Kate when he sees the gun, and he fucking lept at the oppourtunity to do anything not involving going near the corpses.

He shot him in the chest! OMG the fucking chest! You just know Sawyer is one of those so-called "bad-asses" who holds a gun just like he sees on TV. I can't believe he chose to put a man--who is an immobile target--out of his misery by shooting him in the fucking chest! Dude aim for the fucking brain dude!

And yet? ::Grabs her Pooh Bears and hops on bandwagon:: Sawyer's growing on me. He's very much living in the land of Darwinism.

A dog whistle! Dude, he's getting Vincent!

Mr. Locke isn't scary anymore, now I really, really like him.

Hurley's listening to "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy (C.O. zoniduck) on the CD player observing everyone. Love that whole scene. Jin doing that little carress thing to Sun, Boone giving his sisters the shades (He such a good brother), Sayid giving Sawyer the Apple, Chahlie changing FATE to LATE, The preggy chick Claire relaxing, Mercutio bringing his son the dog...

mailea does make a point though about the battery issue. Soon they'll run out and Hurley does seem like the type of guy to escape through music.

Also? Locke is scary again.

Lost episode 104 "Walkabout"

Guard doggy!

Sayid! Yee!

Don't Remember Who #A: There's someone in there.
Don't Remember Who letter 1: Who? Everyone in there's dead.
Jack: Sawyer.
Sawyer: Right behind you Jackass.

Those boars looked like fucking gorrilas man.

GUH! DOM SKIN!!!! Tummy and chest and...SQUEE!! So hot.

4 episodes = 4 days. Every episode is one day...One season is about a month, give or take... Okay, got it.

Locke is creepy again (Re: Metal case). (The throwing of the knife) Still creepy, but now he's cool.

"And you gave him his knife back?" Love Sawyer, purveyor of the snark.

Colonol Locke? Please tell--I was gonna say please tell me he's not crazy but apparently...

Dude, I totaly forgot about Rose.

Shit. Chahlie's down to his last bits. This is gonna get bad fast. God Chahlie just despereatly wants everyone to know he's famous doesn't he?

Jack's gonna snap soon. Everyone is going to him for everything and it's gonna get to him eventually. He's already getting testy.

OH MY GOD! I thought Mercutio was dead for sure for a second.

I feel sorry for and like Flashback!Locke but Lost!Locke scares the fucking shit outta me dude.

ARMS! God I fucking love Dom's arms! While we're at t I fucking love Hurley too. Dude! Chahlie completely jumped in the fucking water! That is so awesome.

::Sharp intake of breath:: Sayid's wife. She's pretty. Poor Sayid.

In other news: Locke still creepy. Randy's an asshole. Wow. Helen's a phone-sex operater. As fucking creepy as that is I still feel sorry for him. To be that desperate for someone to talk to...

They won't kill the tits, they can't kill the tits... That means... Nonononononononononono! Mercutio! Not again! ::Whimpers and winces:: Why can't he stop dieing?

Bye-bye Locke. Ah! Commercial! Dammit.

Still like Sawyer. Merc Jr too, he's cool.

"Get inside the mind of the fish." Love him. Hate Shannon. Cunt. ::Whimpers:: Poor baby. ::Huggels Chahlie::

Rose has a god point.

Who the fuck is the creepy guy in the suit?
I said it before I'll say it again. Bermuda. Fucking. Triangle.

I'm gonna pull a Stargate here and say that if you don't see the body they ain't dead yet.

Suit Guy again!

Knew Locke wasn't dead. Crazy like a fox, yes. Dead? Notsomuch.

God that's fucking depressing. All those people, their memories... All that's left behind is just facts, wore corrective lenses, was an organ donor... Nothing that actually matters... Fuck.

Wow. Dom's really got that stoned look down.

Condition? Four years? What condition? Woah! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot man! Oh my god! That's the miracle! That's the fucking condition! That totally makes sense. I didn't really understand the whole thing with the shoe in the begining. But now? Holy shit man.

superkupos mentioned the funnies about Jack and Rose talking. (See: Titanic--actually no. Don't see it the movies sucks and you wanna know what happens? At the end? The boat crashes. I know, I know, crushing ain't it?)

God I fucking love this show.
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