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WinCon things.

fiddleyoumust and lissa_bear aren't going to WinCon. Neither it hrada. jadetate might not be going (it depends on some RL things which are so very much more important than this). hansbekhart and essenceofmeanin haven't sent in their money yet (mostly because they've been without net for a little while now).

This is for my own personal reference in case it ends up being just me and namegoeshere going.

Everything is still rounded up so the numbers may be higher than they're supposed to be.

250 (-x) / 2 = 125
Total car cost (Minus gas) / People Paying = Money per person.

$150 per person = Room (Per night) and Con cost.

150 + 125 (-x) = 275 (-x)
Room and Con + Car (Minus gas) = Total cost (Minus food and extras)

275 = Full trip cost (Per person)

Approximately 870 miles from here to Convention and back.
Add ten percent for fluctuations (957 miles).
20 Miles per Gallon of car.
$4 Approximate price of gas per gallon.

957 / 20 = 50
Miles to Con / Miles per gallon = Gallons of gas for the trip

50 (4) = 200
Gallons of gas for the trip (Price of a gallon of gas) = Price of Gas for trip.

200 / 1 = 100
Price of gas for trip / People paying = Price per person.

275 + 100 = $375
Full trip cost per person + Gas price per person = Full Trip cost (Minus food and extras).

This is, of course, not counting the Saturday Dinner. Because I have so many food allergies and hate so many foods and such that I won't know whether to bother thinking about that until next week when the poll goes up.
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