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Behind The Scenes Big Bang Art

Okay, so I'm writing porn for my Big Bang, right? Last minute edits and all that shit. And I'm talking to alazysod and namegoeshere on MSN while we all work on fics and stuff. I post snippets of mine and they help, Deam posts bits of his, etc.

Well Deam's working on a challenge fic where Dean is all kinky and gets hot and bothered by pain and stuff and I'm just doing a run-of-the-mill sex scene in a Bird Room.

We've been posting snippets back and forth for the last couple of days and helping each other with our stories and then I'm working on mine a few minutes ago and suddenly Dean goes from daydreaming about sucking on Sam's forearms to daydreaming about Sam digging his fingers into his shoulder so hard it hurts for him to jack Sam off. I boo'd Deam and told him about this and this happened.

namegoeshere: yeah. come on, dean, honey. you belong in my fic, leave the nice girl alone. let her have her dean back.
clex_monkie89: XD
alazysod: haha!
clex_monkie89: My poor Dean was all confused. One moment he was daydreaming about sucking on Sam's arms and then he was gone.
clex_monkie89: Deam, you should draw that right now; you leading them right and stuff.
namegoeshere: yeah, poor thing. *tsks at kinky!dean* stay in your own fic, you jerk.

Tags: fic: supernatural: big bang, graphics

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