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Julia loses at everything ever.

fiddleyoumust is an evil bitch.

1. If you had to have sex with a celebrity, which one would you choose? *evil grin*

Ew. You're gross and I hate you. Uhm... Damn, this is hard. Ang Lee. Because he thinks herding sheep is sexier than kissing so his idea of sex must be, like, horse wrangling or something.

2. What is your least favorite part of your body and why?

Chest. I fucking hate having a chest this big, it hurts my back and makes me out of breath just from laying on my back.

3. In a serious hand to hand fight, who would win, Sam or Dean?

Dean, hands down. Sam's got more muscle mass and a longer reach but Dean's probably got almost a full decade of experience over Sam (Dean started learning at six and is four/five years older than Sam so there's four/five years there and then the four from Stanford). In a serious hand to hand fight Dean would beat Sam stupid.

4. Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki?

Jared. If only because reports say that Jensen is as shy around people as I am and even I kinda hate myself a little for it. Plus Jared is six feet, five inches of hyper, overexcited puppy. Also I think it's cute as hell that you can tell Jared dresses himself.

5. Is Arizona really hotter than hell?

Yes, yes it is. Satan himself has actually boycotted the state for it's inhumane heating practices. When Satan pisses God off God threatens him with sending him here.
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