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Sam is dead, long live Sam

Do you know how many years I didn't understand that whole "The Queen is dead, long live the Queen" thing?

So my laptop, Sam Winchester HP is refusing life support. I went out and bought him a new charger--eighty fucking bucks for it--and he is still refusing it. Tomorrow I'm gonna pack him and it up and take them to Fry's Electronics to see if he needs a new battery or what.

In the meantime though? I've had this broken Dell for a while (messed up harddrive, very tragic) that I haven't been able to do anything with until today. Phil called Dell yesterday and sweet-talked them into sending me a free harddrive, a free powercord for it, an the screws to keep the harddrive in.

The harddrive arrived today.

Ladies and gentlemen I am now posting from Sam Winchester Dell, and lo, he is beautiful. Unfortunately he is also a widescreen and thus none of my saved wallpapers fit his 1280x800 ass. Anyone wanna make me a pretty? Anyone? Eh, fine.

Also? I'm still tightening up my Big Bang, right? And I wrote some Impala!Porn for it last night and namegoeshere drew me Impala!Sex. And then I was telling my other beta, alazysod, about how I wanna make a mix now for it--not a soundtrack, just a list of all the songs and/or bands I reference in it and she said she'd do the art for it! And then namegoeshere got home today and had drawn a whole bunch of random stuff in the story on a plane.

...Do you think it would be weird or rude or against the rules for me to link to them? I mean, neither of them signed up for the challenge or anything, they're my betas, but they did/are doing art for the story...

Yeah. Anyway. I'm gonna try and make me a wallpaper or something.

Oh, also? I do not know the season three spoiler, nor do I wish to know. Spoil me and watch how fast you're off my FList.
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