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This whole fucking month is FIRED

The power cord (which, according to Fry's Electronics is not a charger) on my laptop has been wonky for a while and it finally gave completely up.

I am back on my/Yussie's desktop for a while. I have no fucking clue how long it will be until I can get a new power cord--or how much it's gonna cost.

alazysod! You have the latest copy of my Big Bang, if you can send it to me in an email I will love you forever and a month; the fucker went dead while I was trying to send it to myself.

manasseh! I'm gonna need you to re-send me the art for Big Bang because... Well. Yeah. And this computer keeps fucking freezing because there's a virus on it. Fucking yay, dude.

I'm headed out to go and try to find a cheap charger nut I don't know if it will actually happen so if y'all could send that that would be mucho awesome. Thanks.
Tags: kill them all

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