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Friday Five #1

So me and namegoeshere were talking Thursday night/Friday morning after the spn_fridayfive came out and we decided that the questions there? Really kinda stupid as shit. I mean, really? Sam taking the Metallicar to Pimp My Ride?

Anyway, we decided to start our own. Every Thursday we will give each other five questions or five prompts and we each must answer them by sometime on Friday. This is being posted now because The Newsletter and RL things kept me busy all day.

Deam's is here. The majority of these will likely be based in/on/around our own personal fanons.

1) At Stanford, what was the worst day Sam ever had?

It was right in that space of time after he met Jess but before they started dating, back when they were just friends. Dean was still keeping in touch semi-regularly; he would text at least one a week--just to let Sam know he was still alive, and call or send a post card whenever the whim struck him. One day Sam missed a call from Dean because Jess was borrowing his phone and Sam didn't call him back until the net morning. The phone was disconnected when he called.

Four days later found Sam laying in bed, too terrified to call Bobby or his father or anyone else for fear they would say Dean was missing or worse.

It's really a toss-up between that day and a month and a half later when he got the postcard from Dean with, "Bobby has my new number. Use it if you have to," on it in Dean's messy scrawl.

2) How did John and Mary meet?

Waiting in line for Led Zeppelin tickets. She was directly ahead of him in line and he tried to get her to let him cut ahead because he was buying, "For me and a few guys in my outfit. We're Marines. Real ones with dog-tags and everything." He wasn't really yet but he and his friends were going to sign up the next day. She smiled and told him that even if she didn't hadn't been buying tickets for half of her friends she would never let him cut in front of her, "But if you're lucky I just might let you buy me a soda."

When the tickets finally went on sale Mary grabbed the last 26 of them, on account of she really had been elected to be the one to buy the tickets for her friends and her friend's friends and her friend's friend's friends. She sold him one for seventy-five dollars and they had their first date the next night.

3) What would Jess's reaction have been if Sam told her about the hunting? Or about his [incestuous] relationship with his brother?

If Sam had told Jess about growing up hunting and moving the way he did she would've been horrified. My Jess was going to be a social worker and while she knew about Sam moving around a lot growing up the added information of him being forced to hunt things or even people down (and maybe even kill them) because of some sick delusion his father had makes her ache almost physically.

How she would react to learn of a former incestuous relationship between Sam and Dean would vary depending on whether she knew about the hunting or not and when she finds out. Because she's going to be a social worker it's all a variation of "Oh God," followed by her desperately trying to help him (therapy and talking an such). Those are just the very base reactions though.

4) When Dean was four, what did he want to be when he grew up?

Before the fire, and for a few months after, he wanted to be a fire-fighter. After that? He wanted to be John (still does, truth be told).

5) What's the worst nightmare that Dean has ever had?

It's that same one featured in my Big Bang--now all the rest of you wanna read it, don't you?
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