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Fifteen fucking hours!! Twitch fucking itch man! I started WBL (Work-based learning, working switchboard and phones and dispatch at head security on-center) at 8am this morning. It's 11:25pm and I've been off for 25 minutes.

I just...GRR!!! I better get the job so I can get paid for this shit.

And if that one chick calls for "Second floor male dorms, trainee phone" one more time (Every four minutes for a hour and a half--timed) I swear to all fuck I will find that fucking bitch an cut her.

Also? Belligerant mother's of trainee's who think them driving 25 miles qualifies as a fucking emergency and won't listen to you explain the rules must be fucking dragged out and beat.


Hi there, welcome to the working class, customers_suck doesn't seem quiet as funny anymore does it?
Tags: gripeage, rl, work

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