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Warning: I'm cranky today.

This is one of my favorite versions of Stairway to Heaven. Dave Grohl fakes forgetting the words and then "sings" one of the guitars.

...Dave Grohl, or at least his mouth, reminds me of Tim Curry a little bit.


It should be a rule that if you can't make a clean link you aren't allowed to post multi-chapter fics. I don't need eleven messy fucking codes sitting at the top of my FList.


And that chick who keeps posting manips and linking with a cute, sweet, blinkie? Fucking stop it. It's so annoying I don't even no where to start, seriously. I don't know if your art is good because I refuse to click through that stupid link. Why not use a fucking thumbnail like everyone else?


I woke up yesterday around 1300ish and am still awake.


Does anyone know where I can find a full-issue scan or download of SPN: Origins #2? I know we should spend money to support our show but I can't actually afford to ride the bus right now so I'm not gonna go spend three bucks on it.
Tags: flist love, help, kill them all

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