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New icon for a new obsession.

I want to admit something real quick. I was absofuckinglutely convinced this show was gonna suck the monkey in a horribly bad way. I watched it because I heard Dom was gonna be on it and a few people with okay taste said they liked it. Also I wanted to show support because I figured Dom would need all the help he could get seeing as how Lost was gonna suck so much and all. Boy was I wrong.

I am now addicted. I nearly got into a fight (And was 1/2 suffocated by a girl named Latricia's massive chest) because I stole the TV at quarter till so I'd get to watch it. It's needs to be next Wednesday like now!

Also? Sqee'ing out loud is par-for-the-course for me but "Yay! Charlie!"ing for Chahlie (The accent!) feels kinda weird and get's me stared at. A lot. It's the name. Why'd they have to name him Charlie?

beizy is my fucking hero man.

Dom! Holy shit he's a great actor. Even if I didn't know ahead of time he was hooked on heroin I would've been able to tell by the shakes he had. Speaking as someone who's seen people dry out and go through withdrawls firsthand I can say that he was damn convincing.

Sayid is my fucking hero man, he rocks so much, he knows everything and yet isn't a Mary Sue. The writer's of this show are good. Although Jack on the other hand kind of annoys me by being one "creative" name away from being a complete Mary Sue.

I love this show so fucking much and it's only 0102 (0101p2). I love the way they keep switching back from now to pre-crash, and this is possibly the first show in a long time where I want to know everything about everyone on it. I even like the one I "hate" (Shannon).

MERCUTIO!!! AGUSTUS!!! <3333!!!

Hurley also rocks something fierce and chronic dude, when he passed out from the blood I actually whimpered for him.

The scenes with Jin and Sun were very awesome, even if I only had vague ideas what they were saying. He's very controlling and I agree with someone (Though I can't remember who) that it's going to be interesting to watch her get more independent over the course of the show.

BTW? BERMUDA. FUCKING. TRIANGLE! I swear to fucking hell man they have to be in the triangle, I mean really, Polar bears? In the jungle? And the distress signal that's been looping for sixteen years and five months? The lack of radio reception?

Spoliery pics for future ep: God I love Dom's arms!

And now for something a little more organized. I think I actually want to try to stay spoiler-free for this show. That really says something because I'm one of those people who has to know everything before it happens (Kryptonsite was my altar before I missed pretty much all of SV S3). But tonight while watching I realized I probably would have enjoyed it even more if I hadn't known as much in advance as I did (I knew about the heroin--I think most did, I knew it was a polar bear, I knew Kate was the prisoner and I think I knew one or two other things I forgot).

I wasn't spolied on purpose--I was actually browsing through Lost things and got info at various places. I don't remember where I heard about the heroin, the polar bear was from somebody who went to comicon (Before I thought I'd like Lost), and Kate was something I read last Wednesday that was spoiler-tagged wrong (Someone didn't realize they broke the pilot in half--pun slightly intended).

My spoiler-free status shall remain intact.

For about an hour.

I can't wait to see more of this show. Some things have occured to me that I can't wait to have answered. Like:

1. How will the baby (When it's born) get immunized? One cold and the kid's good as gone.

2. Sunburn. As small as that seems it hurts like hell and everyone should have a massive case pretty soon.

3. Hair. Head, beards, legs, pits, everything. They don't have enough razors to last them their length on the island. Everyone's should get pretty hairy soon. Of course we all know the women will still be miraculosly hairless because let's face it. This is TV, I don't think they want their eye-candy getting too real.

4. Chahlie. When his stash runs out he's gonna bug something hardcore man. He's skin'll itch and crawl, he'll likely hullucinate, he'll get a fever and sweat and get horribly violently ill (Chucking)...Pretty much go out and get Transpotting because they got it pretty much bullseyed. But then remember that there are going to be people around him constsantly and they'll be witnessing this and panicing.

5. And while we're on Chahlie someone will find out. That's a garuntee.

6. The weather. Summer is hot. Winter isn't. I don't think everybody brought summer and winter clothes with them. They're gonna freeze.

7. The poundage. Every last one of these people better start starving soon because if they're still at this weight ine :three months" I'll stab whoever's responsible I swear it.

On a completely somewhat random note I can't seem to spell horribly right when I try but if I'm not thinking about it and just typing I can do it fine.

I sat down to do this at 8 when Lost ended. It's 1:36 am Thursday now. I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning, checking my flist and hunting for and trying to decide on the perfect icon. I ended up choosing this one because, well duh. It's pretty and Sayid and Charlie are my boys.
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